Automating task assignment based on a tag


I’m looking for help automating how tasks are being assigned in Asana.

I’m working with a client and I’ve created a Zap that duplicates a project template when an opportunity is won in Zoho CRM.

In the template, we have a load of tasks tagged with ‘Project Owner’. What we’d like to do is somehow lookup the deal owner from Zoho and bulk re-assign these tasks to the right user in Asana.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do this with Zapier or custom coding?


@abass thought you might have some ideas for this?

My only suggestion would be to reach out to Zapier and request access to the looping beta.

It’s an advanced connector, but it allows for looping within Zapier. Maybe you could loop through the task IDs with a post request to change the assignee in Asana. (You’d have to somehow to a search that would return all the tasks you’d like though).

@Bastien_Siebman can probably better speak to this though.

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Yeah I thought about using the new loop action. It’s just that the template has over 100 tasks so could mean very high task usage in Zapier.

This is the part I can’t figure out:

(You’d have to somehow to a search that would return all the tasks you’d like though).

I would need a way to find all tasks with a certain tag (not in a template project).

What I usually tell me clients is to wait before assigning people because they need to check the dates and make some adjustments without notifying everyone. Multi-selecting and assigning in bulk afterwards takes a few seconds, it is not a possibility in this case? (I guess not because you ask how to automate :man_shrugging: )

Yeah that’s what I’ve suggested but my client wants to see if there’s an automated option. Thanks guys!


The Asana API has a way to fetch all tasks in a project using GET /tasks?project={{projectid}}. If you use the Code module in Zapier, you should be able to fetch all the tasks to get their IDs and then post them back. Depending on the number of tasks, Zapier might time out, but that’s where I’d start.

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