Auto-assigning tasks based on tag

Hi everyone, I’m looking for help on a client project.

I’ve set up a Zap for the client so that when a deal in Zoho is won, it duplicates a project template in Asana.

In the template, we use tags to designate the role that the tasks should be assigned to. e.g. ‘Project Owner’

I’m trying to come up with a way where we auto-assign the tagged tasks to the right person in Asana (based on the owner that is specified in Zoho).

Does anyone have an idea on how I could do this? Depending on the work I may be able to refer you to the client directly.


So as soon as the project is created you want tasks tagged “project leader” to be “Bob” for example (because that info is in Zoom) and have other roles (like IT leader) be assigned to the IT leader?

Exactly! :grinning:

For the IT leader that is always the same, can you have a zap that triggers when a new task is added to the project, reads the tags, and use a correspondance table to assign to the right person with an “update task” action?

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Good suggestion, I would do it in a very similar way. Zapier and can do this and recently has improved their Asana integration significantly.

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A potential issue I see with Zapier is that for that kind of Zap to work, you need to tell the Zap which project to be tracking for changes. However, this is a new project being created. So technically, you’d need to create a new Zap for the new project that is created which we’d like to avoid if possible.

What about having one of the task template multi-homed into a specific project? Then when using the template that also multi-homes a new task into that project, which you can watch. By reading the task you can read the project(s) and find the original new project... :thinking:

In this case we do it in a different way.

  1. We use Zapier webhooks, to create the new project from a template. We use that since the template it has included custom fields and Rules in it.

  2. The Rule says that New Task Created > add to Project if you want it to be automatic
    Custom Filed Changed > add to Project if you want it to be manual (I.e) only for some tasks

  3. The add to project part is a fixed project that we call Buffer Project, that is basically hidden and is only for automation purposes. Zapier watches this fixed project

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Yeah I thought about this as well and it could work. I’m just not a fan of having one big project for automation. But not sure if there’s any other way.

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