Timeline - Schedule Subtasks

Echoing everybody above - key reason for us not fully shifting to Asana and as a result upgrading to premium is the lack of the ability to see sub-tasks as nested timelines on the timeline panel. This is a critical feature - with this much user feedback over the last 4 years would be great to have any indication or action…

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The feedback on this issue is unbelievably overwhelming across the Asana Community Forum, going back YEARS and countless posts. It seems to be an issue and pain with everyone. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet?


Same. I just signed up for a paid account on asana, realized how limited it was. and now moving to monday.com.

Does Monday offer this functionality? I love everything else about Asana, but the incapability to map out subtasks is a real problem.

Hello, is there an update as to the status of this feature request?

This is a must have feature for our organization and we are actively searching for alternative solutions since Asana is not addressing this feature request in any capacity.

When is this going to be available Asana?

2018 and this has not been done yet? :unamused:

Totally unbelievable. Not just not getting it done. But not commenting and engaging with users on this. This topic/feature request is number one in user views and comments, has 4 times the votes than any other feature, has been outstanding now for 4.5 years, and NOT A SINGLE ASANA PERSON HAS COMMENTED, EVER, let alone actually building it. Truly stunning. This indicates a total lack of leadership at this company. I’m a software founder and CEO. How a CEO has not looked at the top requested feature for 4.5 years of their product, communicated, and banged heads together to get it done is beyond me.

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Do we have a timeline for this implementation?

I don’t work for Asana, and I am not allowed to share about the roadmap :slight_smile:

Exactly what I thought! Is there any update from Asana’s side about adding this as a feature???