Timeline - Schedule Subtasks

I was happy to see this was not only my concern…but very much saddened with the fact this has been a desire and issue for many for so long. I’m currently assessing whether Asana is a good tool to use for a large research project with many partners, but this is so elementary, that I’m in doubt whether to use this or ‘just’ stay with Trello instead.

I now use ClickUp instead which is a far superior tool in my opinion tool, more
Flexible and much better value.

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ClickUp has this functionality if that helps. Significantly cheaper than Asana as well.

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February '22. Looks like this feature still isn’t available? Don’t want to read through the hundreds of comments here…

This functionality along with many others to do with subtasks and scheduling are very important for my team and the way that we use Asana. As it currently stands, we aren’t able to utilize Asana in the most effective way and I am finding that it is taking an almost doubled workload to deal with subtask scheduling and rescheduling.

Please, this would change the game for us !

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Hi Donna,
Could you explain what makes Instagantt worth using with Asana; by that, I mean how are they usefull independently and together? Do you have to create everything twice or they talk together? It seems that Instagantt would answer my needs since I want to see the subtasks in each projects. My goal is to see my planning of the year at a glance which I’m having difficulties to see in Asana.

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I’ve created my project, detailed my subtasks under each task, then gone into timeline view only to discover that the subtasks not display. This feels like a missed opportunity. The subtasks are what I need to place into my timeline. Each may have a different date and time associated. Perhaps there is a better way but to reenter subtasks now that I am in timeline view is duplicative.

Subtasks do not report up (except in universal reporting)

Subtasks are considered to-do items for the parent task. The parent task is where deliverables happen.

Although many people use sub-tasks to deliver into, there is no reporting support for that. Also, rules do not trigger on subtasks.

I have seen many topics today that refer to the issue of subtasks not showing up on the timeline. I wonder why it is such a low priority for the Asana team to correct this issue and satisfy their users with better functionality?!

But to give those of you an option to work around this issue, I wanted to share this [YouTube video by Paul Minors (20.9K subscribers) ] (Tasks vs. Subtasks in Asana - YouTube) with you guys.
Workaround is at minute 1:20-3:50.

Hope this helps some of you. :wink:

Best, Elisa


Otherwise, you can also explore the possibility of using Instagantt with Asana (here the Asana Guide on How to Sync) . I am have just found this, so haven’t tried it myself, yet.

Hello, is there an update as to the status of this feature request?


When will subtasks automatically display on the timeline?

Currently the only way to do that is manually associate each subtask to the top-level project which then creates a DUPLICATE instance of that sub-task at the top-level — a HUGE mess in the List view. PLEASE add this feature to timeline!! It would be great to have a realistic Gantt chart similar to MS Project. Thanks!!



This is a heavily requested feature with an existing thread, I’ll let you find it and upvote there, no need to create a new one.


If i could just ADD to this as a NEED:

  1. Please have a Toggle for whether the Subtask should be added to the Timeline
  2. And keep it NESTED under the Parent Task in the List and not a HUGE scattered mess when you link it back to the project. :pray:
  3. Automatically Nest the Subtasks in the Timeline under the Parent Task instead of risking the date moving when you have to organize it.

Couldn’t agree more!

It’s insane that an entire product was created (instagantt) to solve the problem that Asana wont address. Why do I have to pay for two products to create a basic Gantt chart and track resources/workload???

Agreeing with everyone here. Managing many people and projects NEEDS this capability added directly into Asana without reaching out to a third party.

Nesting the subtasks as a default is perfect - we can then choose what we would like to view subtasks when appropriate.


Asana this is now Aug 2022… (4+ years since it popped up with 1k+ votes) and still nothing. As a paying customer on a channel you’ve provided for feedback, it would be great to have an update.

What’s the status?
What is preventing this from being implemented?
What is the current status?

We don’t want another unicorn flashing across the screen, we want to have important functionality that allows us to deliver projects on time, in budget, and fully accounted for. Help us. This is what we need, and what we are paying for.


Another +1 for this. Very frustrating that it’s not a feature and significantly hinders my management of bigger projects. The add to project workaround is not workable because of how much it clutters up the list view.