Timeline - Schedule Subtasks

another vote for subtasks to inherit their parent’s project without appearing duplicated in the list view

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I just started using Asana and agree that this is a major flaw-- almost to the point that I want to find another platform. It’s that critical to me (and it seems, other people as well). What’s the point of even filling out a subtask if it’s not being tracked in the timeline? Is there any update about a feature update for this? It seems like something that has been a request for years now from users. A bit disheartening to know that this fairly simple request hasn’t been integrated.

I just hopped onto the platform and was really excited. This is a major flaw and the workaround defeats the purpose of the subtask in the first place.

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+1 apparently yelling into the void. Would love to see this feature, disappointed it doesn’t exist.

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As we are currently working with the timeline view in my organisation to better visualise impacts of delays with running projects, what a disappointment when I realised sub-tasks aren’t appearing in the timeline. Planning of due dates for these is simply useless as it will not be updated!
Only way to see the due date updating is creating a dependency between the “mother task” and the sub-task. Then at least the sub-task due date will be updated in the list view (but not appear in the timeline)
When I arrive on this thread and see the amount of request since 3 years now, I guess I need to limit my hopes.
This is really frustrating to see a feature so poorly integrated in an amazing functionality. What is the purpose of having sub-tasks if it doesn’t communicate with the rest of Asana?

Just a reminder that this request has been open for 3+ years and that 776 of us have voted for this and would like it. Given that most people view but do not leave feedback/vote, we can assume that number is much larger. I think the stat is something like 1 in 26 actually engages. We look forward to having this feature one day!

In Jan 2020 Asana announced that the Asana Together community membership reached 1000 members. So we have 77.6% of the that subset of the community wanting this. Does that play out across the 1MM+ users? Not sure. Might be worth considering sample size and CI though. :man_shrugging:

Currently TRIALING Asana, and this is a HUGE MISS…we need subtasks to be automatically added to the timeline. A simple collapsable section would be fantastic. Also need to have the main task listed under the section with subtasks listed below that within the timeline. Manually going into each subtask to add it to the timeline is a dreadful UX/CX.

It’s been 3 years since folks have brought this up. I do not have the confidence that Asana is listening to customers and will be taking that into my consideration as I provide feedback on our team using Asana.


I’ve all but given up on this ever coming to life. It’s likely a fundamental architectural issue that they have too much technical debt that can’t be overcome.

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Please add this feature! It would be the reason for our studio to upgrade to premium and use the timeline feature!

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Today I was thinking about uprading Asana and starting to use Timeline, but I’ll choose Instagantt, partly because of this.

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I have an idea, EVERYONE in this thread (800 or so) who voted, just cancel the asana subscription.

I am sure they will notice this then!! !"#%#$"#$"!

Really really sad way of doing business. 3 years and counting for a basic feature almost every other software has??? They just don’t care anymore.


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This is why we’re migrating away from Asana to Scoro currently. We’ll gladly pay 3x the price for additional functionality.