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Along with viewing subtasks, can a percentage bar or number be added to the project to show task/subtask completion? Even percentage completion on tasks with subtasks would be great from the timeline and calendar views. Then if I see a project or task with less than 100% completion, I can look to see what tasks or subtasks respectively need to be completed.




@Asana_Administrator where are we at with this? This seems like such a huge drawback to any other gantt based project management approach. Tasks are not flat in their hierarchy and without this feature, it’s impossible to use timeline to easily show which tasks can and should happen in parallel and in series.


Any updates on this? Subtasks continue to be more of a hassle than it should be.

Yes I d like to know how to multihome? Is that just copy and paste?

Two years on and sub-tasks are still not properly accounted for. You can see them in the Timeline but only if you add them into the project and if you have many tasks in a project each with many subtasks then every view becomes unusable because of clutter and slowdown.

How hard can it be to add a feature to allow all subtask dates if set to be adjusted if a parent task is moved. It is just absurd at the moment for a paid solution that is supposed to be best in class.

Increasingly finding the app causes more problems than solutions it solves and mostly around scheduling. Scheduling is one of the core functions of a project management team solution so why is this not being prioritized?

While on this topic why is the dependent-precedent task adjustment only available in timeline view - another strange and efficiency destroying implementation.

Make date ajustment consistent everywhere.

To make it easier to add dependencies for subtasks, it would be helpful to display subtasks on timeline view.

Existing thread Subtasks in timeline

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Joanna_Yiptatchung and thank you @Bastien_Siebman! I’ve gone ahead and merged this thread with the existing one.

Have a great day!

There is not shortage of opinion in this thread. But if adding my voice to the mix helps illustrate the 399 votes that this would be a very beneficial tool, then I will. This along with a few other things will help make managing enormous projects over long periods of time manageable. Currently the limitations of this program handicap effective project management with enormous projects over long periods of time. Thank you Asana for listening.

Please please Asana, we need this feature! Currently sub-tasks, sub-task sections, and sub-sub-tasks are left relatively useless without the ability to use or see them on timeline. This prevents us from being able to use them really at all. The new UI dropdown arrow on the List View to show the first-level of sub-tasks is a very useful start. Now we need a ‘toggle’ to show them or expand them into timeline view and it will be a huge win. Thanks for listening, and your continual improvement of the product (as always)!


I’m a new user & the absence of timeline subtasks struck me instantly.
Why can’t they be displayed? Having to use a third-party gantt chart application feels so superfluous… shouldn’t one of Asana’s primary functions be for visibility of projects?
+1, asap please.

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With the new tasklist subtask rollout (not sure of the official name of it), the ability to collapse and uncollapse these tasks to hide/reveal the subtasks is awesome. But the fact they still must be loaded into the project in order to see them on the Boards, Timeline, Calendar, etc, sucks away all the power this new feature could have!

I’m fine with having a toggle to show/hide subtasks from these views, as some people probably don’t want to see them. And personally, i think it would be great to toggle them on and off individually per parent task, as well as a global toggle for everything on the board, calendar, or timeline. Then again, really if you don’t assign a date to the subtask, it won’t show up on the timeline or calendar anyway, so maybe an individual toggle isn’t needed.

Being able to show and collapse subtasks in the timeline is so important. We need it in order to have multiple production steps with different dates for one product like a poster (Drafts, Layout, Proofing, Print). The task “Poster” would then be unfoldable with the subtasks Layout, Proofing, Print beneath it. It then also should be possible to make each subtask dependent on the following one, as it is with normal tasks.

I don’t know if anyone said that, but having the custom fields in the subtask is great, but if I use the HOURS field to sum up the time allocated for each member of the team, it doesn’t add up in the hours on portifolios.

Am I doing something wrong?

@Denis_Sooma you are NOT doing it wrong. It seems this change only supports filtering, sorting and searches. It would be really special if custom fields within the first layer of sub tasks actually counted towards Workload Effort in Portfolio!

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