Support for Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

It would be great to be able to customize keyboard shortcuts.

I use the Dvorak keyboard layout and none of the shortcuts currently work when on this layout on my machine! Support for keyboard shortcuts with international layouts - #29 by Dan_Lewis

I’m not sure why it’s tied to a layout. It’s the first time I’ve ever run into this problem. I tried Todoist and a few others and they all support other layouts.

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Welcome to the Forum @Dylan_Stamat ad thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

As my colleague mentioned in the thread you have shared, Yes, we currently support keyboard shortcuts for languages available in Asana, only which is why shortcuts might not work on your Dvorak keyboard and while I can’t promise if or when this will be implemented, I will make sure to keep you in the loop as soon as I get an update about it! Please don’t forget to leave your vote here!

Have a great weekend Dylan!

Thanks Natalia! I’ve seen others ask so I know it’s something others would like as well. There’s more than one of us I swear :slight_smile: Also, vote casted! Thanks!

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If this is the feature to upvote to reinstate Alt-U, Alt-Y, and Alt-L functionality in My Tasks, count me in.


Also suprised the Alt-U, Alt-Y, and Alt-L functionality has been killed - voting here in the hope it will be brought back.

Being able to add custom keyboard shortcuts would be huge! It’s fine that some things don’t have a keyboard shortcut by default but I wish I could add a shortcut for “Duplicate Task” or “Mark as Milestone.”

I often go to task detail view to add a task to another task as a subtask. I do this by:
open a task detail view > go to more actions > advanced actions > Make a subtask of > and here assign it to a named task.

“Make a subtask of” does not have a shortcut assigned to it. Since it takes a few steps to get to the item I would love to assign a shortcut to it for my convenience.

In other apps I have managed to add shortcuts through the Apple OS > system preferences > keyboard > shortcuts.

The problem is that I need the path to be in the menu of Asana for that to work. Do you have another suggestion on how I can add my own shortcut to “Make a subtask of” selection?

Hi @Scott_Hofmann, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! As it stands, it’s not possible to create new shortcuts or customize the current Asana shortcuts. We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback.

Just saw that this very reasonable post has been locked, and I can’t seem to find any other open thread about this ongoing issue: Reinstate direct keyboard shortcuts for today, upcoming, and later in my tasks

As this user pointed out, the organization shortcut is now…pointless. The idea was that you could do this in one stroke, as that is the point of a keyboard shortcut. But right now, it is two steps. I don’t understand why we can’t simply highlight/select the tasks in question, and use a keyboard command/shortcut (don’t care if it’s the Tab + U/Y/etc system there was before, or a new command,) to organize those.

The current version is absolutely meaningless, as I have to click on something to get the window to pop open, in which case, if I’m doing two steps, I might as well just click again to select the category. But I can’t even tell you how many hours I’ve already lost just from this feature change. And why?

These kinds of choices are really making me disheartened by the Dev team and Asana. Why remove features ever if they aren’t causing issues?

The customer support team I spoke with about this months ago indicated that they have no intention of addressing this, so posting it here in the hopes that the other people who hate this decision will see it before this thread is magically locked because Asana doesn’t want to address the issue or keep receiving open feedback. Hopefully everyone hasn’t already hopped ship to Trello by now…


Holy shit, its been 3 years since I started talking about customisable keyboard shortcuts (so that I could use it with Dvorak).

I am honestly really surprised this is still a feature that has not been shipped.

For a productivity app to not have shortcuts to make you, well more productive - IS very strange.

Not to mention that customizable key maps have been well established as the defacto best practice for supporting persons with disabilities or circumstance that affect their motor control.

Honestly Asana is just lagging behind industry now and businesses that do not keep up with best practice and innovate/develop their product, well they tend just become dinosaur projects that most people do not want to use.

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Thank you for saying this!! I agree. The fact that these threads automatically Close so no one can contribute to the discussion (since most will just give up rather than hunting for an Open case, many of which are also not exactly on topic) is also not the making of a Community Forum that genuinely wants to make the best product possible.

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Yeah threads auto closing is messed up.

On one thread I set a reminder to keep bumping it to keep it alive. But forgot when I went on holiday and then it got closed… haha

A little bot would be fantastic to have do this for me. “Hey Siri write bump on my Asana thread every month if the last post in the forum was more then a month ago”

Looks like another thread discussing this topic was automatically closed by Asana staff again too. I am really losing hope in this forum and company :frowning:

Hi @Charles_Wanless, to clarify - threads where a solution has been provided or threads that have not seen activity in a long time will be automatically closed by the system. That said, feel free to reach out to use directly to reopen these threads or create a new conversation :slight_smile:

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How long is a long time? Because it looked like there were comments very recently on that thread but it was slammed closed.

And yet Asana is so keen to close threads I imagine they would find a way to slam the door on your bots too!

This makes sense for discussions. But in this case it was a feature request for customizable keyboard layouts. Maybe Asana should consider a different tool for feature requests where they can be upvoted by users. Discourse and its bots are obviously not fit for purpose. is pretty good these days.

A bot closing it is just confusing. Its very unclear what the outcome is, personally after this happened to me I was totaly put off from wanting to participate in the Asana community.

It just means there are duplicates of the same conversations and then community members have to try and cross link from closed older threads to newer open ones.

Thats just far too much work for me. I was here to make a specific feature request, it seems it just goes into an energy blackhole.

The only reason I am repyling to this is @Charles_Wanless replied to my post earlier in the thread about trying to keep a thread alive.

Thank you for saying this, Dan! I completely agree. I am a v passionate person and if I wasn’t so gung ho for Asana, I would have also given up on trying to improve it or contribute to these forums because of the chilling effect of closing topics automatically.

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Hi Rebecca, just following up, as I have directly emailed you about the thread in question asking it to be unlocked, but no response, and seems to remain locked.