Return the ability to use the Chrome extension keyboard shortcut "Alt+Shift+A" to create tasks

Maybe my keyboard is wonky, but I can’t get the “Alt+Shift+A” keyboard shortcut to work to quick create tasks.

Here’s where I read the instructions

Hi @Evan_Bartlett, thanks for reaching out! You can certainly use the Asana Chrome Extension by clicking the Asana icon in your Chrome browser, however, it seems the keyboard shortcut is currently not available. I’ve gone ahead and escalated this to our product team so we can investigate further! I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update.

Thanks, will you update me on this thread here? Just trying to level up my asana use, and having the keyboard shortcut would make it faster for me to get more tasks in there.

I understand, @Evan_Bartlett! I’ll comment on this thread as soon as I have any updates! :raised_hands:

Hi @Emily_Roman - is there any ETA on getting this working again?

I’m afraid I don’t have any updates at the moment, @Christopher_Sands1! I’ll make sure to post an update in this thread if this is something we will implement again in the future.