Support for keyboard shortcuts with international layouts


I want to be able to use keyboard shortcuts, especially Tab-/, but I am currently not able to, since my keyboard layout only exposes / using a shift combination. This sucks big time and makes Asana bordering on useless for international power users.


I have been struggling with this too. @Marie as a French like me, how do you do?


I second this - “Tab + /” is not working on German keyboards. Please provide an alternative.


Hi @Oscar_Hillestad and @Markus. Thank you so much for reporting this issue! I seem to be having the same issue with “Tab+/” on my French keyboard so I have gone ahead and escalated this bug to our Development Team. @Oscar_Hillestad, could you confirm which keyboard you’re using? @Bastien_Siebman were you referring to the same shortcut? I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get an update!


Yes referring to the same shortcut on a French keyboard.


I’m using a Swedish keyboard.


Thanks @Oscar_Hillestad! I’ve added your report to my bug!

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Any news? @Marie


Not yet @Markus, so sorry for the inconvenience! I have just asked for an update and will be in touch as soon as I get one. Thank you so much for your patience, and again, so sorry for the trouble!