Anyone gotten tab-based keyboard shortcuts to work on Chrome or Safari?

Hi. I am having trouble getting Tab-based shortcuts to work in Asana. Tab toggles through UI elements, no matter what browser or settings I use. I’m on MacOS, tried Chrome and Safari.

Main things I’ve tried: every combination of clicking and closing and hitting “esc” to try to get into the right state, in say “My Tasks”, in order to be able to Tab-U or Tab-BKSP or Tab-M.

I suspect this could be my OS or Browser overriding the “Tab” button (which is ridiculously annoying considering Tab is the Asana shortcut invocation command). Chrome keyboard shortcuts lists “Tab” as “Browse clickable items moving forward”. So I tried Safari, but it’s exactly the same! Although, Safari also lists “Tab” as “Tab highlights the next text field or pop-up menu”.

This is very annoying because neither Chrome nor Safari will let me override built-in keyboard shortcuts. Has anyone gotten Tab-based Asana shortcuts to work in either of these browsers? And why does Asana use tab as an activator if so many browsers override it? This was a very frustrating user experience :(.

Perhaps you’re not keeping the Tab key held down while you press the other key?

To use these shortcuts, say the Tab-Y one to mark a task for today, try this:

  1. Hold down the Tab key
  2. While tab is still held down, tap and release the Y key
  3. Release the Tab key

Hope that helps,


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When I hold the Tab key it does not change elements. If I can go to a task and do Tab + L it does move the task to Later.

Thanks @lpb, that worked. I had never seen Tab used as a modifier before, I assumed I was hitting the keys sequentially. Phew.

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Tab shortcuts to move to today, upcoming, or later aren’t working for me now with the latest Asana update. the others do. I do hold down tab while pressing the other letter - and it’s always worked before, just not with this latest version. ideas?