Allow users to remap "Tab"-key shortcuts to "Control" on Mac?

For uninteresting and complicated reasons, I cannot use the “Tab” character for shortcuts. I can only tap the “Tab” key, I cannot hold it, therefore lik 80% of the keyboard shortcuts don’t work for me at all with my current setup.

It’d be great if I could remap these to use “Control” on the Mac. I’m a heavy keyboard shortcut user, and the inability to use any of these shortcuts at all is really making Asana a non-starter for me.

Also a small note since it seems like I can’t edit my comments on here - this hasn’t ever bit me before since the “Tab” key has never (in my experience of using computers) been used as a modifier key. It feels slightly “wrong” to me that it’s even being used in such a way in Asana, but I’m sure you have your reasons. However, there should be a way to change it so that normal modifiers can be used instead.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @Julian_Torres! We don’t have immediate plans to implement this feature but I’ll make sure to keep you posted once we have any news.