Suggestions/discussion on pricing.

I realise that pricing is quite an emotional topic for Asana and it’s users. Can I encourage people to replay to this thread in order to share with Asana things that can be a win for users and add value to Asana?

I’m on the premium plan and there are features in the business plan that I would like but I can’t justify spending more then double the premium price. Partly because it seems to me that the business plan is actually a different product. I would be happy to pay for a level above premium that gave advanced features on workflows, (fields, rules etc.) but didn’t require me subscribing to the resource and goal management side of things. Those look like awesome features - but companies that have almost all their need met on premium would need to be a few magnitudes bigger for the business plan to make sense - this is even evident in the huge jump in pricing. My suggestion would be:

  • Rename premium to standard. (I don’t think people feel very premium on the current “premium” plan anyway)
  • Create a new premium with the vision of “maximum workflow powers” and put in features like the rules builder, form branching field lock etc. Potentially data export and advanced API features would fit.
  • Un-bundle the business features into a separate product and create more clarity and development meeting the needs of medium sized companies. Perhaps a vision of “maximum clarity and direction”

To sum up, a pricing point for an “economy user” is absent and “premium” feels second rate. I don’t think there is a need to drop prices - there just needs to be something between current premium and business.

Hi @AdamTerrey, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

We generally recommend to create one thread per request as it is easier for customers to upvote for the specific feature request and for us to follow-up on. We have a couple of threads regarding this topic, I recommend you to join the conversations here:

Pricing questions are also better handled by our Sales and Support Team since each set up is different and pricing varies based on your set up! :slight_smile: