Portfolios for Premium Account Holders Please!

Please add portfolios to the premium plan for account holders.

Even as a solo user this feature would be extremely useful. It’s available in other platforms for quite a fraction of Asana’s monthly fees - and as a solo user several folks starting out just can’t justify paying almost 70 USD per month for a Business plan.

I understand we can use Dashboards but these function differently and serve different purposes (otherwise Asana would not have separated them within the platform).

I would really like to see more flexibility with regards to this in the platform for smaller businesses (not just Non-Profits) looking to grow their business with Asana and would really appreciate these capabilities if even restricted to a set limit (like 8-10 portfolios for Premium users, email support only, unlimited portfolios for Business users…etc.). There has got to be some way of pulling this off in 2022.

I can get on board with a $20 USD/month plan with those features as an individual user. Compared to other platforms, the pricing still doesn’t fully reflect the offerings (rules at best are pretty useless on Premium considering they are very very basic to say the least) and I really hope this changes for the better for smaller businesses and individual users - because all ‘teams’ start somewhere and not always with 2+ users.

I am really loving what I’m seeing in the platform and really happy to have found a clean framework that speaks to my workflow - I just really hope there is more advancement with the offerings for smaller ‘teams’ given the current climate of competitor offerings.

Thank you!

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Hi @Anmari, thanks for providing this feedback.

While we don’t have plans to make Portfolios available to Premium users at this time, I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile: