Portfolios for single users

Why is the Portfolio feature not available for Personal and Starter subscriptions?? It seems that being able to view all your projects in one view should be a basic feature. Does anyone recommend a better project management platform that has this feature for single users? I am only using this for personal project management and don’t want to pay $60 a month just for myself! The customer service team was unwilling to allow me to only pay for 1 seat.


Completely agree @Carssen_Damon1 . Portfolios are the only ‘Advanced’ feature I need and it’s just not possible to justify such a huge monthly cost as a single user. The main reason I needed portfolios was that the Asana architecture didn’t give me enough levels of projects, tasks and sub-tasks that I required. I found ClickUp and Fibery give you more levels of nesting so you can replicate what the portfolios feature does, both are a bit more complicated than Asana but you won’t be paying anything like $60/month.

There are actually a number of threads already discussing the inequalities faced by single users and the lack of clear advertising of the 2 seat requirement, so you’re not alone in this frustration:

Having said this Asana has limited the number of portfolios available on the Advanced plan so there are issues with them even for teams:


Adding in another voice here. We’re happy to pay for a premium subscription but not that premium. Portfolios (and comparing projects from various teams against each other) seems like such a basic thing to offer. We have been looking at a starter subscription and are still in our free trial phase, but I was under the impression that portfolios were available in the two person package.

Sounds like ClickUp is another viable option to look at. Sophiaa, does ClickUp offer some level of tagging/custom field sorting/color coordinating like Asana does? If so, looks like we may not opt for Asana after all.

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Hi @Kasia_Eva_Patel, ClickUp probably has more options in terms of tagging, sorting and grouping than Asana. The trade-off is that ClickUp has a bit more of a learning curve, but you get more flexibility for a lower cost. The main issue with ClickUp is that in the past it has been a bit slow but that’s improved with the release of ClickUp 3.0.

Hi Everyone. This has been an issues since at least 2021. See here. SOOOOOOO many of us have been BEGGING Asana to create a 1-plan/Solopreneur option, but for some reason, Asana just absolutely refuses to do this. It’s quite curious, actually. Many of these threads have hosts and hosts of individual users who note they’s gladly pay for this tool if there was a 1-user plan. I’m not sure if you know or remember this, but at one point, Asana wouldn’t allow teams smaller than 5 when it came to their payment structure. The linked and other threads, I supposed, got them to compromise down to a 2-seat subscription plan. Idk what the issue is. It stinks because Asana is such a great tool, but it’s clear they’re not interested in individual users/individual use cases.