Add Goals to Premium plan

I have been a longtime supporter and advocate for Asana. I implemented it at the startups I worked at where I had responsibility for extensive projects.

I also use Asana personally. I would like to start using the Goals and Portfolio features, for my own personal management, which i understand requires the Business subscription. I don’t need any of the other features of Business, and the Business pricing is relatively pricey.

It’s a feature that will encourage more individuals to use Asana as a personal planning tool rather than just a commoditized tool they use at work. That might ultimately help with organically creating champions within Asana’s potential corporate clients.

Alternatively, consider add-on pricing so that someone can add Goals to the Premium subscription.


The fact that Asana does not have a solo plan makes me think they don’t want to go in that direction. But one day you’ll have the ability to pay to get a specific feature from another plan :person_shrugging:

This is very similar to my use case. As an individual wanting to use Asana to manage my work and personal life, being able to use ‘Goals’, ‘Portfolios’, and even just one ‘Custom field’ would give me access to all the features I need. As it currently stands I would currently need to pay for two Business Seats for that which is completely out of line with competitors, no other platform I’ve tried makes you purchase two seats minimum! They are also more transparent than Asana on their pricing pages.
As an individual, I couldn’t justify the cost of two Business seats per month (currently this is £51.38!) so moved everything to another platform for now since pretty much every competitor is less than that. This is a shame as Asana has really solid integrations with other platforms and I do miss that functionality.