🎬 Don't underestimate the power of portfolios in Asana

Don’t overlook the portfolio feature on Asana!
It’s more than just a project list. Customize columns, fields, and get a timeline view :sparkles:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Great tool feature. But expensive for small organizations. Wish this was available to a wider spectrum of Asana pricing tiers.


Couldn’t agree more. For a small agency like ours, the price is too high.


The other issue is that about 5% of our organization would use portfolios, but we would have to pay for the other 95% of people which will never use the advanced features which, as was said, makes the price too high.


Great features! Are you able to provide some examples of how it looks setup?

What a shitty face I have on the video snapshot :rofl:

Ideally everyone would be able to benefit from portfolios. Maybe Asana will change this soon and make Portfolios available to smaller tiers?

Here’s a real one, our “Strategic clients” portfolios. I had to blur out names and logos sorry. We use it to drive our weekly meeting with the team.

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