More options/add-ons for single users

I’ve been using ASANA for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it!
I’m a self employed freelance designer and it’s really enhanced the way I organise my projects and communicate with my clients.
I’ve even started organising all my personal projects in ASANA as I like it so much.
However there are a couple of the premium options that I felt could make my experience even better, so decided to cancel other services (such as slack) to upgrade… that’s when I got really annoyed.
I read on the forum that you don’t and are unwilling to offer single seats - which looking at how many people want this, seems a bit short sighted. You are not only missing out on potential revenue (which helps you develop your services even more) but also offering the option would help single users potentially expand their business and put them in a position where they could then purchase further seats - making you even more money. As I said - short sighted.

Putting that to one side, what about giving the option of “Add-ons” for single users where they can pick a number of the premium services as “add-ons” for the price of a single seat?

Please note that this post is different to asking for single seat premium.

Hi @Chris_Nicholl, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback with us! We have recently introduced a premium and business option for teams of 2, 3, and 4 people and we shared an updated in the main thread. We are currently not planning to implement upgrades for a single seat or add-ons for single users but we will make sure to let you know and update the main thread if we have any plans in the future!