Please make a Premium Solo Plan

Adding my voice to the many - it doesn’t make sense not to offer a single seat plan for entrepreneurs and those with scalable businesses.

I am a TV composer and educator and I often work with large multi episode productions and use a scalable team. A client I work with uses Asana and when working with them I saw how good it was and started using the free version for my own business. However, like so many others, l was shocked to learn I couldn’t buy a single seat premium license.

There are so many single users who love to use this software AND would pay for it that the mind boggles as to why this would be a restriction. There must have been a business decision for this (and no, “designed for teams” is not good enough) but it seems so short sighted. Many people in creative industries have turned to Trello for this reason. Asana may do the job better, but Trello also supports entrepreneurs and single seats.

For now I will use and recommend the free version of Asana, as it remains an excellent tool. I would like to use and recommend premium but I will not pay for two seats when 99% of the time I only need one.