Please make a Premium Solo Plan

Adding my voice to the many - it doesn’t make sense not to offer a single seat plan for entrepreneurs and those with scalable businesses.

I am a TV composer and educator and I often work with large multi episode productions and use a scalable team. A client I work with uses Asana and when working with them I saw how good it was and started using the free version for my own business. However, like so many others, l was shocked to learn I couldn’t buy a single seat premium license.

There are so many single users who love to use this software AND would pay for it that the mind boggles as to why this would be a restriction. There must have been a business decision for this (and no, “designed for teams” is not good enough) but it seems so short sighted. Many people in creative industries have turned to Trello for this reason. Asana may do the job better, but Trello also supports entrepreneurs and single seats.

For now I will use and recommend the free version of Asana, as it remains an excellent tool. I would like to use and recommend premium but I will not pay for two seats when 99% of the time I only need one.


I have read so many requests for this and seen the “asana is for teamwork” bull response on so many threads and to that I say - sorry to y’all for losing mine and many others money.

I am MAD. It is so disheartening to see a company dismiss customers, especially freelancers, in this way. Rude.


I would like to purchase one seat of Asana. They will not allow this, they require a two seat minimum. This forces me to pay $25 a month for something that I do not think works well enough to justify that cost. Instead, if I am to continue using Asana, I have to keep the free one seat plan and integrate with a paid Instagantt, which has its own complexity and clumsiness.

Please make it possible to purchase one seat of Asana.


I’d like to suggest a specialized plan designed specifically for solo entrepreneurs. In an era where individual creators are increasingly taking on a myriad of tasks single-handedly, introducing a premium one-seat plan could serve as a vital stepping stone. This initiative would not only support their diverse needs but also solidify their commitment to Asana.


I’ve been using Asana for 10 years. I have always used it as a freelancer and for personal use. Because of this, I have no use for a subscription for 2 people, which is the minimum Asana offers right now for 26,98 euros per user per month. I’d be more than happy to pay this amount for myself. But I refuse to pay twice that amount 53,96 euros since no one else would be using the other seat. I just don’t understand why Asana simply doesn’t implement the one user subscription since I’m sure many users have this same need. In 10 years they could have earned 1026,9812=3.237,6 euros from me as a paying client. I have reached out to support to change the subscription system to support my needs multiple times. They keep refusing my money. :frowning: If you would like to see an individual subscription plan implemented, please like this message. Maybe this way we can get their attention. #freelancersunite


Please make subscriptions 1-user plans.

Currently, it is written like this.

Asana Pricing | Personal, Starter, Advanced, & Enterprise plans • Asana

Here for similar suggestions


Addendum: I was told the following answer: ``It is now possible for two or more people to use it.There are no plans for it to be used by one person.We will contact you separately regarding future plans.‘’

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I use your software in the company I work for and love it. Amazing software for projection management and just generally organising all of my tasking.

I want to use Asana for my new personal company that I’m starting. There is only one of me and you only offer a minimum of 2 seats, kinda of a wtf situation tbh.

What about soloprenueurs which is the entire creator economy. As a business you are completely leaving that money on the table, all of your competition off free and single seat options and I’ve spoken to many of my friends and they all agree this is ridiculous.

The excuse you emailed me is ridiculous, especially when you offer a free 30 day ‘one seat’ trial. You essentially trick people into investing time into setting things up and then hit them with a double charge for the 2 seats if they want to continue using Asana.

Surely you understand that a new company grows and thats when people would upgrade to add more users and upgrade your seat.

Hope someone listens to this.



You have a great product, and I would happily use it. However, I can not justify paying for a minimum of 2 seats when I need just 1. Unfortunately, this makes me choose ClickUp, which has a more flexible pricing model.