Lack of a single seat option is a huge gap

Hello, I was wondering if there were any updates on the possibility of Asana introducing a single-user plan.

I have seen individuals who have been requesting a single-user plan from Asana for years and have recently switched to ClickUp, which offers similar features.
I have also heard that is considering introducing a paid plan for a single user.

I understand that developing new plans can be a complex process, and I don’t mean to rush or complain about it.
Personally, I do not appreciate’s cluttered design, and I find that ClickUp’s reliability and performance do not measure up to Asana’s standards.
As a devoted Asana fan, it saddens me to see potential customers being overlooked due to underestimation.

When you made the above comment one month ago, I had mentioned to some ClickUp users in various forums that Asana might be introducing a single-user plan in the future. However, I was unable to provide a timeframe, and now I am uncertain if it will happen at all.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to any updates you may have.