Clear advertising for minimum seat requirement

The advertising for the Premium tier is misleading as it states that it is £9.49 per seat but does not make it clear that a minimum of two seats are required. There are forum records of users requesting single user premium from as far back as 2017 but Asana flatly refuse to consider this. So at least their advertising should be honest and clear. Combined with their method of crippling some basic features to push users to a paid subscription this is very disappointing,


What features are crippled? I work with clients on the free version and they are amazed at how much they get for nothing.


The start date is removed, only a due date is possible. For me that’s a killer.

Hey @Alex_Jones1 here is a great overview on the Asana pricing: Understanding the Asana pricing

Completely agree with OP, over a year later the pricing page is still misleading with no clear mention of the two-seat minimum. Furthermore, when you start an Asana free trial it still doesn’t make it clear until the very end when you’re on the payment screen that you’ll need to pay for two seats. So it’s only after you’ve decided to commit to the trial and have spent your time setting everything up that it finally becomes clear what the actual monthly/annual cost will be.

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