Status Update Version 3.0

Status Updates are really important as they feed directly into productivity. How?

Well, the status update has the potential to provide so much information that stops me as a project sponsor from asking questions and diving deeper into the project board.

It also helps me answer less questions as a project manager from my stakeholders about specific items of the project.

It is time to have status update version 3.0

  1. Integrate Images within certain sections of the status update:
    There is a thread about this feature. Please check it out and make sure you upvote: Status Update & Project status - Inserting an image within a specific section

  2. Include a complete status for the projects. There is a thread on this which I recommend upvoting. This helps a lot when your project is within a portfolio. Project Status Update: Complete - Portfolio View

  3. Increase the status update period to customisable periods: Currently we are limited to 4 weeks past and future. It would great to have the flexibility to customise this. Please check this thread and upvote it as well: Progress Update Time Duration

  4. Integrate some of the graphs available from Reporting feature directly into the status update. I just posted a user case on the limitation of graphs available within status update on asana. check stout and please upvote as well Integrating Reporting Graphs directly into Status Update sections

Are there any features you like to see within status updates? If so, please point them out to me and I will happily include them in this post.

PS - V3 of status update is my own reference and not Asana’s. This is where by V1 is the ability to provide status updates, and V2 is the ability to add sections and graphs as we currently know it.


Thanks for this tip, @Rashad_Issa! We hope to have news about some of these features in the near future :slight_smile: stay tuned!

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If I’m correct, there’s also a current limitation on the status update edition only by the original poster, which make them difficult to collaborate on.


It would be great to have status updates at the task level as well, not just at the project level. I know you can easily work around that with comments or a custom field but just a suggestion.


Not sure this needs to wait to version 3.0, but would love to see it where all subscribers to a status update are automatically added as followers for the comments/discussion that happens post-update.

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Custom statuses would be great. Often times a generic status of on track - off track etc isn’t quite enough to let people know at a glance where the project stands.

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Totally agree! I would definitely like to see the feature customisable in wording and in colours too!

Hey Tarek, did you mean that only the poster can edit the status after being published? Or do you mean someone other than the project manager to provide the update? The latter is possible… you can either request a status update form the Project Owner, or you can provide one yourself if you are a member of that project.

I mean indeed that only the poster can edit the status after being published but combined with the fact that an unpublished status in only viewable by the one who created it. Meaning collaboration on preparing a status is not possible

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Hi @Rashad_Issa - I’d love to see this feature request promoted in this forum: Duplicate Project Status Updates

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It would be vital. The current view is a nightmare from a UI point of view. They intriduced a new visual paradigm, which is different from the usual view, with no advantages.

Agreed! I’ve also noticed that projects lose their status update if they’re not updated often. I think having the reminder to update project status AND the ability to update manually only should be integrated

In addition to this, it would be great to have a way to share this status update with the external world in some way. We deal with a lot of “external customer” projects and the “print” or export options of the status report is not great for this at the moment (November 2022).