Status Update & Project status - Inserting an image within a specific section

We’re looking to shift an increasing amount of our project statuses to Asana, and most our updates involve sharing a visual update.

We’d like to add more than Asana graphs, tasks or slides attached by including in the summary screenshots.

Is this already possible? What could be a potential workaround in the meantime?


Hi @sbdx,

Pictures can’t currently be attached to a specific section (ie: summary), they can only be attached at the project status level (see screenshot below) and will appear at the bottom of your status update:

I’ve slightly updated the title of your post and will keep you posted here if this is something we’re planning to implement in the future!

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Right, thanks Marie! That’s we are during currently, but when the email is sent / notification in the inbox appears, we don’t see it or have to scroll down at the bottom… so it’s not as contextualized. It’s better than nothing though!

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