Specify tasks assigned to multiple projects and main project in multihome mode

Asana’s biggest feature is the ability to assign tasks to multiple projects.

As a request, it is now possible to set the main project when linking multiple projects added to a task.
However, the main setting is not mandatory.
It would also be helpful to have a warning when changing (or deleting) the primary settings.

As an alternative,

So you would want to be notified if the task is removed from this project then?

@Ka_Nishiyama How do I set the main project when linking multiple projects to a task? I have a task in multiple projects but I need to set 1 project as the primary in order to make sure the tasks uses the color-coding from the primary board. When I’m viewing in Timeline view, it changes the color to the other board’s color, rather than the category color.

Hi, @Charla_Rowe
Thank you for endorsing aspects that may have been unclear in my explanation.

Unfortunately, at present, it is not possible to configure the main project, so I am proposing it this time.