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Great - did the votes move with it though? :wink:

Yes, they did @Ruth_Newnham :slight_smile: However if someone initially voted on both threads it will only count as one vote in the merged thread!

Yes please. A way to set an activity filter for certain kinds of activity would be great.

Alternatively allow pinning the comments to the top of the activity feed. But I think a filter would be better. That way you can filter out file additions and when and how a task was moved from one project to another or between sections etc.

We do a lot of this sort of thing, and it’s obscuring important comments.

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Just had a look at JIRA, there is a very easy way to switch between history, comments or just all of them:



Hi - on the iOS product the task history running down the sidebar occupies a lot of space. And I assume also informs team members of tedious actions you’ve taken, like changing a due date, for example. Is there anyway to hide this history?image

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Hi Richard,

There’s no option to hide tasks activity feed neither in the iOS app and web app at this time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

We already have a topic about this feature request and I merged your post with it to consolidate feedback.

This is a very popular feature request and you can give your vote in this new thread too.

I’m ready to ditch Asana because of this. How is hiding the activity feed not an option?

+1 here - we are testing a couple software tools similar to Asana and fixing this would seal the deal for Asana. Is there an update on when this on/off function would be developed? Even moving it to below the comments would be a big help.

Barbara, this is one of the biggest things that makes Asana look “messy”. I second (or hundred) everyone else’s feeling. This would help a lot with adoption in my org.

@ASANA: in 2 YEARS you were not able to add a simple checkbox for just hiding the activity in Asana?? Sorry, but how slow is your team? Even without the 100 users here its very obvious, that a huge list of activities is just annoying / useless and makes the comment section very chaotic and useless as well.

Why isnt it possible to add a simple checkbox for this? Or when are you going to do that finally??

If someone deletes a logged activity, can other team members find those logs? So for example, if a team member makes a change and then deletes the log, can I see all of the deleted logs? @Alexis

This is an example if history I get on a task that I keep pushing and pushing. My feeling is that it should be compacted in some way, makes the comment hard to read before and after with all this “noise”… Maybe collapse those information?

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Agreed, I’d like to collapse that history but still maintain access. Right now, I find myself often deleting all those back and forth entries (thus completely losing that history) as they take up half my screen for minimal value.

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It will be helpful when the history on the tasks is collapsible, or has the option to view (as opposed to the history always appearing, and only going away when manually deleted)

The value of this is evident with tasks that require modifications, and multiple custom fields. There is value in seeing the history, but when it shows up on the tasks it clutters the tasks, and separates the comments from the task description

Thanks for your feedback @Boo_Reiser and apologies for the inconvenience. We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback. I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I some update on this question!

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Where is the new thread for this?

Also please let us collapse ! Single worst thing about using asana, having to scroll through all the history noise to see texting stream

Or put texts above the history : just as good a solution

I can not find the thread on this topic. collapsing history… please, how can we do this? my history is such a mess, so long, full of useless information as we have learned to use asana and traded out from one staff member to another.

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Hi @ron_proulx and apologies for the confusion; as it stands we do not have a feature to collapse task history. I was referring to this thread we’re currently discussing on (see comments above) on which you can vote for this feature to be implemented. If you haven’t yet, you can officially record your vote by clicking on the “Vote” button above.

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It bloats the screen and steals focus from the important stuff

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Hi folks,

We actually have another thread on this topic with quite a few votes, so I’ve gone ahead and merged this thread with Show/Hide Activity Feed to help gather all feedback and votes advocating for this feature request!