Rules based on task types (milestones or approvals)

It would be incredibly useful to have the ability to set up Rules based on task types.

For example, if a task is marked as an Approval, the rule could trigger an action such as adding that task to another project. If I wanted to see all the Approval tasks assigned to me, I could use this Rule so that any Approval tasks assigned to me across various projects are automatically populated into a private “My Approvals” project.

Similarly, I would like the ability to have tasks marked as Milestones in a particular project be automatically added to a separate “important dates at-a-glance” calendar.

I imagine there would be many other uses for having Rules that can be triggered by tasks being marked as Milestones or Approvals.

I would find this useful as well.

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I would find this useful as well

+1 to this feature. I need rules to run when non-approval tasks are complete that do not trigger approved approvals (which are just seen as completed tasks from a rules perspective).

I has a rule that when tasks were complete, they were turned into an approval (for review) and reassigned. It didn’t last long. You can see the loop I caught myself in. I have been going in circles trying to figure out a work around…

Rules based on task types would have many uses!

I did find a workaround for those interested. I created a custom field that is applied to tasks that enter the project, but is cleared when tasks are converted to approvals. Note that not all custom fields can be used as rule triggers (e.g., text fields cannot be used as rule triggers).

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I use the same workaround. Would be easy just to be able to check what the task type is.

It seems like a quick win, since task type is already a property of a task. So we only need a selector in the rule builder to specify: Check if task type is task/milestone/approval