Report View Needed


I am using Asana premium. I would like to see the outstanding tasks for every project inside a team.
Is this possible?

Hi @Amanda_Holt1, welcome to the Community Forum :slight_smile:

You can create a report and set the following parameters:

  • Completion: Incomplete
  • Due date: Between ___ and ___
  • In teams: Add team’s name (you can add this filter selection the option +Add filter > More)

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have follow up questions :slight_smile:

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Hi Emily,
I did figure this out and it worked great. Now I wonder why when I make a change I have to create a new report- it won’t save it over the last version.


I’m glad it worked @Amanda_Holt1! To save your Search View as a report, click the Save Report button in the top right corner. Once saved, your Search View will appear under your Reports section beneath your favorites at the top of your sidebar.

You can find more information and illustrative steps in this article.

Have a nice day!

@Amanda_Holt1, While you can “Refine Search” to alter the parameters, “Save Report” always creates a new report; there’s no way to modify an existing report so in your case you’ll aways have to save then delete the old one.


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Hello all,
You have been great in teaching me to create the great reports. Is there anyway to make them viewable to my org or are all reports private?


Sharing reports is explained well here:

One addition: After another user clicks on one of those report links, she can (I think) click in the top right corner to Save in her left sidebar as an alternative as well.

Speaking of reports, you might be interested in this tool which works on your search results, any projects, my tasks, etc. (disclaimer: I’m the creator):


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