Saved Searches in Reporting Dashboard?

Hi There!

I’ve recently created a few saved searches to help monitor my teams work :eyes:.

-Work to follow up on (any overdue work in the last 30 days)

  • Upcoming tasks requiring approval
  • Incomplete tasks due in the next 7 days

These saved searches function as reports for me - a quick way to see how my team is handling their work. It would be nice to have them all as widgets on one sheet… similar to how the “Reporting” section does.

Is there a way to take a saved advanced search and add it to my reporting dashboard for quick review?

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This is an excellent request and needed. I love the reporting dashboards but these saved advanced searches would really augment those dashboards and give me everything I need in one location.

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The engine behind the reporting dashboards is the advance search so if you create the chart that corresponds to the parameters for the search you should be able to just click trough to the search behind the chart.

Perhaps you can lend your expertise @Paul_Grobler!

Example: Tasks due in the next 7 days across all projects and all team members.

When I use the advanced search function I am able to see these tasks in a list together, sorted by due date and it’s various details (assignee, custom fields, etc.)

When adding a chart to a dashboard it seems that I am limited to a specific chart style (column, line, etc.) but none of these offer a list view. I am able to get a count of tasks by project or person, but not necessarily a detailed list.

Have you found a way around this? My hope is to have the information displayed immediately without many clicks.

Ideally, one dashboard would give me widgets for my top 3-4 searches for example.


There is no way to get a list view directly in reports, but to open the list behind the chart would take you only 1 click.

I either use the number style chart to give just the number of tasks due in the next 7 days or if you need more info, you can use the donut to group by project or by assignee.
Then when you want to see the list behind the number/chart you just click on the relevant number.:


Thank you @Paul_Grobler!

I’ll certainly give that a shot (until dashboard lists are an option :wink:)

I appreciate the help!