Saved searches vs. reports. What's up?

Question for the Asana team - @Alexis and @Kaitie

I notice that in some workspaces I can run an advanced search and then favourite the search. However, in other workspaces and organisations, instead of saving a search, the search (a.k.a. “report”) is added to a new “Reports” menu in the sidebar.

Is this just a change that’s slowly being rolled out to Asana users?

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Correct, @paulminors! We’re currently testing a Reports section of the sidebar. What do you think of it?


I like it. The idea of saving a “report” vs. “saved search” highlights the power and use case of the advanced search feature a lot more.

Just this week I was working with a client and instead of setting up a “Meetings” project (which is quite common), we have a report that displays tasks due within 7 days tagged with “Meeting”. The report is sorted by assignee so each week they simply pull up the report and each person updates the team on their workload. They then remove the tag as each item is discussed.


I did not realize this was a testing feature. I’ve been PMing with someone who saw my screenshot about saving a report and she was confused as to why she couldn’t see it (she’s on a free account). I love the Reports tab! I hope you’ll be keeping it. I know this will be a favorite feature for my teams.


@Crystal_Alifanow Indeed. * he by the way :smiley:

hmmmm…all our saved reports are gone…
and if we try to save and advanced search as a report it does this, but it does not show up any where???

we also tried it in a private browser window, and n Chrome instead of Safari…but no joy…


Uh oh! This is a question that our support team will need to help you with, as it may require back end functionality and PII. I suggest you reach out to our support team at

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Update: this was a known issue, support has fixed it now! TNX! and Rock on!

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There was a topic on this already, but its closed for comments know, so here is a follow up on a topic that has been discussed recently after a change in Asana, that I noticed today in my account:

So about that new “Reports” section, that replaced my favorited searches…

There are some things I don’t like about the new Reports section, but hopefully we can do some work to make them better. To provide some context, I use saved searches as handy views. For example, I use them to:

  • lists the most recent items I have updated - so I don’t have to search for and update that Asana task that I know I solved yesterday, but I got a follow up on today, so I need to find it quickly and update it again
  • lists the items where I’m waiting for feedback
  • etc

What I like about the Reports tab is that I can find all my saved searches there.

What I dislike are mainly two things:

  1. I cannot put my “favorite” saved searches next to my favorite projects any more. That breaks my workflow. I want to have quick access to saved searches I use all the time such as the mentioned “recently updated in projects I own”. Now, they are hidden in the Reports section, and I have to scroll do access them. This makes me prefer the old way, before the Reports section. One solution that would work for me would be if I could “favorite” my saved searches that are in the Reports section, just as I can favorite projects, so they would move next to me other favorited projects.
  2. I cannot reorder the saved searches. Instead it seems my last created search is always at the bottom. There’s not an alphabetical sorting enforced either. That leads to a bad UX for me, because I name and position related searches next to each other. Also, to access the search I just saved, I have to scroll to the bottom of the list. Here I would like if I could either reorder the report list manually, or if at least an alphabetical sorting was imposed (so I can control the order that way). Edit: I think this is a bug. I can sometimes drag and reorder the item, but it seldom works. And there is no guides when I do it. Reproduced on latest Chrome 61, Win10.

I was noticing this today as I was giving a demo to people on my team. We now use the saved searches for different members and this is very confusing to call them reports and have no control how they appear in the sidebar.

About I cannot reorder the saved searches, it seems I can reorder them to a degree, just cannot move them above the system generated reports, which is why I thought the reorder feature was broken. This really isn’t apparent anywere in the UI, so it felt like a bug.

The fact I cannot put my saved searches (or Reports as they are called now) next to my favorite views is still a loss to me, now I have to always keep the reports section expanded and get used to scrolling a lot whenever I need to access my saved views. I’m hoping this particular limitation is not by design though, but something that will be fixed! :slight_smile:


Is this feature still being tested? If so - How can we change back to the old system?

We are currently in the process of training our team to use Asana and changing features without notice is… well… not really helpful and rather confusing for users new to Asana.

My favourites / favorites list on Chrome desktop has reduced by half the number of entries…although all of them are still present on my iOS app…would anyone have suggestions on how I can get the full list to show on Chrome?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve just spotted the new tab ‘reports’ which contains some of my created searches…finding it very confusing what the difference is between reports and favorite searches.

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Hmm that’s odd. Can you confirm that there isn’t a drop down carrot or show more option? If there isn’t, then this could be new functionality I wasn’t aware of or a bug, which I’d be happy to report if needed.

Actually, Simon, I’m confused. Were you able to find a solution to your problem?

Same problem here.

What seems to have happened is that search querys previously marked as Favorite with the :star: icon seem to have movved to reports. I also cannot find the :star: icon anymore when creating new search queires, instead I get to see two buttons on the top of the list, marked “Refine Search” and “Save Report”.

“Save Report” seems to do what the :star: has done before. I am wondering where this was communicated?

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Hi Alexis there is a drop-down menu though it still doesn’t solve the issue as I’ve lost some of my saved searches…I’ll attach a screenshot…