Sharing Advanced Search Reports



Hi all. I was just in an onboarding meeting where we brainstormed potentially useful advanced searches, and a colleague said that he wished we could save searches as templates that could be available to everyone. It took us a minute to figure out that you can indeed share searches, not as templates but by using the ‘Copy Search URL’ option in the drop-down next to the search’s title:

So, we set up a project titled ‘Useful Reports’, with 2 sections:

  1. What reports are available?
  2. What reports would be useful?

Section 1 contains tasks with the Advanced Search as the title and the URL in the description. People can click on the URL, edit the search and save it to their own favourites. This is great for people who want to run reports but aren’t yet confident with using Advanced Search.

Section 2 is where people can request reports for various information, and the more experienced Asana users among us can create the searches and share them.

I just wanted to share this tip in case anyone else is rolling out Asana and is looking for a way to demonstrate how useful Advanced Searches can be.


Great tip @Mark_Hudson. I actually haven’t used the share URL before but can definitely see how this would be useful!


Good share, @Mark_Hudson. I find this is very helpful for executives who want reports but aren’t as familiar with Asana as others in a company.


This is somewhat helpful but too time intensive - as an administrator I would like to be able to set up some standardize reports that everyone gets automatically, like the default Tasks I’ve Created and Recently Completed Tasks. Is this a new feature request or is it already a capability?


Hi @Carol_Ann! Premium users can certainly create and save reports. Take a look at full details here


@Alexis I believe @Carol_Ann was referring to saving reports for everyone in the team instead of only for ourselves. I don’t believe this is possible yet, but it would be a very useful feature.


Hi @Duncan_Lukkenaer

Although you can’t save a report for everyone, you can create a task, which is viewable to everyone, and paste multiple report URLs into the task’s description. Anyone can click on those URLs to access the search results.

It’s not as direct as what you’re looking for, but it achieves the same result.


Totally agree. Curious to the answer.


Anyway to pull data only from a particular advanced search report from the API?

This would help me a lot!


Someone should make this into a feature request. I could see so many ways to integrate this within Asana. If I cannot find an existing feature request on this topic, I will make one myself. :slight_smile:


Hi @TYL3R did you ever make this as a product feature request? I had the same issue just this morning. I’d love to add my vote to it.