💡 A project for reports

:mag_right: The search in Asana is a very powerful feature, often under-rated and user-used.

:brick: If you structure your projects properly, for example by using the right custom fields, you can really achieve great things. Even the native fields like due date, assignee and completion status allow you to do great stuff.

:unlock: Each search can be saved as a saved search (it used to be called reports). Those saved searches can be shared by using the appropriate menu entry. However, what you share is not a link to your own search but just a copy of the parameters.

:books: So you can basically create a public project in your company account and list all useful searches you came up with along with their links! No need to be afraid, each user will be able to use them on their own, either as a one shot search or save it for later.

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Truer words have never been spoken. Universal Reporting can be an extremely powerful feature when your data is organized appropriately.

However, when shared, the name of the Save Search is retained making it easy for users to save the Search to their library just as it exists for the sender. :wink:

This is our workaround to better manage the collection of Saved Searches since those exist in a flat list in Asana today. Hopefully some level of structure and hierarchy will be introduced in the future that makes it easier for uses to organized these powerful links. Nevertheless, having a project dedicated to these searches is a GREAT way to build a repository for users to pull from.

Great tip, @Bastien_Siebman


Thanks Jerod for your contribution!

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Nice post and yes I completely agree.
Also in our team still a lot are not using the advanced search to it‘s full potential although it can be so helpful!

So true! These two features are so underrated, that they have become my favorite features that i explain to new & seasoned asana users.

The combination of custom fields & custom searches is really powerful and perfect for Planning Meetings etc.

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