Share Reports (Saved Searches)?


I noticed that if I create a Report or saved search that other users have no ability to see them. They would have to recreate the report manually. It would be nice if saved searches were available to everyone but it was their choice to add it to the Reports bar on the side


You have always a possibility to share report via URL in 3-rd party communication tool, or in project/task/conversation description/comment.


As Asana is a Business-Product, I totaly agree. The URL is more like a workaround than a particular feature for sharing. This is not acceptable.
I consider the posibility to move a Report to a Team as a highly recommended feature, which in Jira, for example is so much better implemented, that I really was shocked when I made my first steps in Asana searching. I am really missing this Feature in Asana, because it makes it even more difficult to help my colleagues find the single pane of glass for a project-overview.

Another possible advance of this approach could be the easy access of customized lists in the mobile App, which still has the lack of more than 1 custom field to Display.


I fully agree with this point.
Your platform becomes incredibly limiting as you don’t have the ability to filter a board by specific tags, and then when you create a report for the team e.g “High Priority bugs to focus on” you cannot share it within Asana.
Yes, I can provide everyone with the URL, BUT BUT BUT!!!
They can see it and they can save it, but then they cannot rename it so it inherits the default name “Search Results”. In order to rename it a staff member must first go back into “Refine Search”, run the actual search and then save it. At that point they can save it and rename it. But what’s the point, they could then just manually create it in the first place.

Another problem is that I have to tell my entire staff base to go create 6 different reports.
Seriously guys, I think it’s time you start closing the gap here as your competitors have these features by default.


Another vote for such a feature! It shouldn’t be too hard to implement, I’d guess.
I want my project team members and co-PMs to have a set of tools available for them to use on their own, rather than me creating reports that point out where they should take action …


Another vote for shared reports! It is disappointing that this feature was omitted in the first place as it would add a great deal of value to the product in our use of it.
URL sharing is not a useful substitute for many reasons. Please push this.