Share Reports (Saved Searches)?

Really a super needed feature.

Another vote for this reporting feature - whether it’s shareable or a an option in the actual reporting section would be super helpful. This workaround is a novice move, and Asana needs to improve and be more robust with these offerings.

A vote from me too!

Hard to believe I can’t make my search find-able by other team members. Thank goodness the URL works for other team members as a manual share, I can kludge something together.

Adding my vote here for shareable searches and reports, this is very much needed.

This will be a make or break decision of using Asana for my team. We need to be able to share searches in order to provide detailed reports, but also to aid in triage and task management. Frankly, it’s a bit mind blowing doesn’t exist after 5 years of it being brought up.