Dashboard "Get-Link" to share a report

Dashboards should be sharable, and yes, I know they are via the share button, but there is no “get-link/copy-link” option like there is for a project or a search result.

If I want to publish a dashboard to an audience via slack, email, newsletter, website or any other platform, or simply help a colleague find what he is looking for quickly (without sending him to his email inbox) - no can do…

In an advanced scenario, I would like to create a webpage with a report/dashboard embedded in it so that the user doesn’t need to access his asana acount to view the report, or even further - he doesn’t even need an account to view it.

This would be very helpful for my organization.

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Hi @Itay_Kurgan

For Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers there is a create a link feature. Are you referring to the reporting dashboard or a dashboard within a project?

If it is a dashboard within a project, as long as the people you are sharing it with are members of the project this is possible.

If you are trying to share with someone outside the organization, shareable links only can show list, timeline, board, and calendar views at this time.

Hope this answers your question!

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Hey Mike,

Thanks for the response.
Yes I am on a Business plan, and I just figured out how to copy the link by right clicking.

I still think this need improving for the following reasons:

  1. It should be made more accessible in the forum/blog/manual as I did not find any information about this before posting this here.

  2. It should be designed consistently throughout the UX of the platform, and what I mean is that it should be made accessible via the native “share” button and the dashboard dropdown menu, as these are the go-to menus users are trained to press when searching for such links across the platform.

  3. Right clicking on the desktop app (not what I was using when searching for the link) allows for the copying of the link pretty much anywhere you click, but via the browser is very limited and works only when hovering directly above the relevant dashboard ONLY in the “reporting” landing page - nowhere in the dashboard itself once in it…

  4. Making dashboards available publicly or even limited to “my company domain”, shouldn’t be such a disadvantage to asana’s bottom line at the end of the fiscal year. On the contrary, I think this would open asana to a wider range of users that need this feature for their audience.

Thanks again,

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