Reporting Charts - automation, users, & chart display

Currently, I there a way to share reporting dashboards without having to grant someone project or team access? We have some users who daily email charts with non-Asana users who simply need the ability to view the chart and not the data behind it. Can this be automated from Asana to Outlook? On the same topic, I’ve noticed when a donut chart is used, only 7 pieces of data fields are visible, remaining content is only viewable by selecting the hyperlink (example: “+7”) which takes the member to the project.

FYI - I also posed these question on the Asana Together Slack channel (random)

Hi @Amanda_Rodriguez,

There’s currently no way to share dashboards or charts programmatically via the Asana API.


Hi @Amanda_Rodriguez, there are 3rd party add-ons that enable sending reports to people who don’t have access to Asana, or who prefer viewing that information without having to log in to Asana. You can see some example reports at Reports — Screenful and learn more about this add-on at Asana reporting tool: Advanced custom reports & analytics for Asana — Screenful

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