Saved Searches in Portfolios?

Hello! Wanted to throw a thought your way: Within a Portfolio you can add Projects, and other Portfolios. What if you could also add Saved Searches? One common use case would be “Any tasks Tagged with ‘Meeting’ from a Project within (this portfolio)”. But there could easily be other ones as well, specific for that Project, using all kinds of different custom fields. MVP would be just the link to the thing, just like we link out to projects (maybe some default icon for saved searches) - it’s just a convenient navigation to specific Saved Searches that are relevant to a specific Portfolio. A bonus feature would be to maybe display (within the Portfolio screen so alongside the milestone progress and various other fields) a count of how many incomplete tasks get pulled in by that search, or beyond that even some of the stats that appear at the top of the saved search screen.

Thanks as always!

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I agree with this! I used saved searches that would be helpful for my team to use as well, but the only way to share them is to have them configure their own versions instead of just using mine, which I’ve already made.