Repeating task with repeating dependencies



Request: If a repeating parent task has a dependency on a repeating child task, when the parent task is created it should create dependencies on the new versions of the child task, as new versions should have been created already.

Use Case: I have a parent tasks that needs to get done by the team lead every week. I have a child task that needs to get done by every team member each week. The parent task is dependent on every child task.

In a normal, non-repeating workflow, the team lead will mark the parent task as dependent on each child task, and they can see when each member has completed their task and can complete the parent task after.

The problem is, when the task repeats, it marks the parent task as dependent on the completed child task, not on the new child task.

The only area this gets complicated is when a child task hasn’t been completed but the parent task has, in which case the new child task hasn’t yet been created. A simple resolution would be to create dependencies at parent task creation time for whatever version of the task is incomplete, which may not be ideal, but if you’re completing a task that has dependencies that aren’t complete, that’s not ideal either.

Inherit due date from parent task

I have the same issue. Want to describe bunch o routine recurring task with its dependencies, but when they get completed, the new tasks apear with no dependencie. Aren’t you going to fix this?


I am also having this issue and would like to see it resolved for necessary results.


Same issue - seems bizarre this has not been flagged and fixed already!


Any updates on the progress of this? I’d LOVE to see recurring task dependancies!