How to have two recurring tasks where one is dependent on the other?

I am having an issue with creating recurring tasks that are dependent on one another. My first task “Task 1” needs to reoccur every month. My second task “Task 2” also needs to reoccur every month, however, task 2 needs to always be dependent on task 1.

The issue is after I set up the due dates, repeating dates, task dependency, and mark them both as complete, they both come back as expected, but task 2 is no longer dependent on task 1. Is there any way to fix this?

I’ve run into also wanting this feature more than once.
Maybe someone at Asana could move this over to Product Feedback?

Yep - me too. I would love recurring tasks to keep their dependencies when they are both connected the first time.

I’m also hoping to have recurring tasks with dependent tasks.

FYI there’s already a Product Feedback thread for this request: