Recurring Task Generates Pointless Dependency

I’ve started using the Recurring Task feature for projects that need to repeat annually. But I’ve found what appears to be either a software glitch or an incredibly pointless and annoying feature built into recurring tasks. When current recurring task A is marked complete, it replicates as future task A as it should but at the same time it makes current task B dependent on future task A. The visual result is that current task B doesn’t look like it’s ready to begin - it still has the hourglass icon instead of the checkmark in the empty circle - because it’s being blocked by future task A happening 1 year down the road. I can’t find a way to prevent this and our team members are already having problems knowing when to begin a task that appears not ready but really is.

To make the situation even worse, when I go to the Timeline view to see current task B’s erroneous dependency, it doesn’t show. But when I scroll over a year to future task A, the long dependency line suddenly pops in as soon as future task A is visible. That seems ridiculous.

Can Asana offer any explanation for these issues? Can the erroneous dependency be eliminated with a rule?