Duplicate tasks and Blocking

Looking around I see a lot of discussion re both of these topics but still a bit confused and in a time crunch.

  1. How or why is a task blocked by a future task? I realize the 'blocking or blocked by" red and orange distinguishes future or present, but why is it still asking me to verify i want to complete task because it’s possibly blocked by a task due next week? This is causing confusion for me.

  2. This leads into duplicate task topic. If I accidentally mark a task complete thinking it was blocking and correct it because its was the future task by marking it incomplete the task gets moved back into my task list creating duplicate task, which are both future.

Task X and Y are weekly repeating task. I complete task X which was task Y as dependency, which prompts me to verify I completed task Y after I just completed and checked task Y as complete. Thinking I forgot to check task Y complete I check it off complete again, but it was the task Y with next weeks due date. When i find the future task Y accidentally checked in the completed task search and move it back to incomplete it puts it back in my tasks.

I am a “new user” so can not insert snapshots and apologize for the run on explanation.

Hi @Clayton_Milam, thanks for reaching out.

Marking a task as dependent on another means that you are “blocking” this task. The dependent task cannot be worked on until the precedent task, or the “blocking” task has been completed. Does this make sense?

You can find more info on task dependencies here → Creating task dependencies | Product guide • Asana

When you talk about the duplication of tasks, can you confirm if the due date on these tasks are recurring? If so, when you mark a recurring task complete, another (with a future due date) will generate. Marking the initial task as incomplete will not delete the new duplicated recurring task.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Sorry, Still don’t get it.

I complete dependent task.
Asana asks me to verify I completed dependent task I just completed.
Assuming I must have not marked it complete, I check it off again.
Which autogenerates the replacement task
When I go mark it incomplete the task gets added back to my board along side the the other one.


Hi @Clayton_Milam, no worries!

Can you confirm if the due date on these tasks are recurring? :slight_smile:

They are weekly repeating task. So I think the answer to this is, yes.

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