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Try the Flowsana “Move to project” rule action - it should work differently than the Asana one. The Flowsana rule action should remove it from the source project even if it already exists in the target (i.e. the “move to”) project.

Hi @Phil_Seeman , great work with Flowsana!

Yes, Asana seems to do the following in the below scenarios:

Scenario 1:

  1. Task X is in Project A.
  2. Rule ‘Move task to another project’, to Project B.
  3. Task X is removed from Project A and appears in Project B only.
    Great, but…

Scenario 2:

  1. Task X is multi-homed in Project A & C.
  2. Rule ‘Move task to another project’, to Project B.
  3. Task X is removed from Project A and appears in Project B but still appears in Project C also :confused:

So in Flowsana, is it possible to do the following?:

  1. Task X is multi-homed in Project A & C.
  2. Rule ‘Move task to another project’, to Project B.
  3. Task X is removed from Project A & C (all projects it is multi-homed) and appears in Project B only…?


No, that’s not currently possible (as you discovered). That would probably require adding a real “remove from project” rule action. It’s an interesting use case and something for us to think about for the future.


Hi. Flowsana is not an option for us currently. Would be great if this could be added to the functionality within Asana (I actually only need this functionality, because other functionality – i.e. multiple due-dates – is not available…)
Thank you!

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I would support that development Phil. Funny enough the workaround I am developing to deal with “convert to subtask” pulling tasks out of the home I have them in, is multi homing.

However, when a process is completed for the year I will need to remove several tasks from 2 of the 3 projects they will be linked to so this would be helpful


Hey there!

I’m looking for something similar. We have multiple projects but I have a rule in each project that automatically moves tasks from that project to another project one assigned to a particular staff. The other project services as a repository for all tasks assigned to a particular department.

Once it’s in the consolidated project and the task gets assigned to someone else outside of that department, I don’t see any rule that removes the tasks from the consolidated project.

If someone out there does the same thing, consolidating tasks into one project, how do you usually handle this use case?

Thank you!

Hi Karl,

I have a similar issue in my organization and if Asana would allow UNASSIGN AS A TRIGGER and/or REMOVE FROM PROJECT without selecting another one, that would just fix everything.

In the meantime here is what I do but it’s tedious :

  1. I have one project per TEAM

  2. I have one project for each TEAM MEMBER

  3. In the TEAM project, I create a rule that says:
    Trigger: When added to this project AND assigned to X → move to the assignee (X) section. Action: MOVE (not adds) the task to the TEAM MEMBER project.

  4. In each TEAM MEMBER project, I create one rule that says:
    Trigger: If the assignee change to A,B,C,D… (all assignees possible for that team) Note: Select when ANY of those triggers happen)
    Action: MOVE task to the TEAM PROJECT in the section “tasks to check or unassigned or any that is not an assignee section”

I feel like you can replicate that concept for any flow, playing with custom fields instead of assignees, status or project stages for example.

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Hi all,

I want to great a meeting agenda project, that is auto populated and ultimately, depopulated,

In this case, I have a project where the initial status is ‘In triage’. I want this to populate a ‘weekly meeting’ project in the ‘Tasks in triage’ section. Easy done.

However, when we change from in triage to any other status, i want the tasks to be removed from the agenda (as we will have reviewed it). Throughout this process, i don’t want the tasks removed from the other project (eg, move to one project project, moved back to the other). I also want the rule to run on any status change (so not when it’s changed to specific one).

Is any of this possible?

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum👋

I have merged your post into an existing feedback request thread.
Maybe you consider just moving the task in the existing project to a separate stage that is only used to store already addressed tasks?

I would like to add an upvote here. I am starting to utilize secondary projects for tasks. I have a main project and then have created a weekly to-do list project that I’m assigning a task to also. I would like to be able to set a rule that when I complete on one project it removes it from the other project.

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Thought I would put my user case here.

I am trying to run a “zero inbox” project/board that I use for delegating and revising tasks. With the aim to move them around to places they need to be.

Having a rule to allow it to be removed from the board that I am managing would just make it more efficient.

I’d love to have this feature! Currently we’re doing a kind of hacky process where we “Move” a task that’s plugged into 3-4 projects into 1 new project. It’s not ideal and the Rules tend to chug, but currently we have no way of removing additional irrelevant projects when a task hits a certain completion stage and gets moved to our “Live” project.

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Yes, I would like this rule tool. We have a planning board and when tasks are in action, they move to another board. But my team forget to remove it from the planning board.

I keep seeing comments where someone from Asana has “merged to another post with more votes” but I can’t see it referenced anywhere here.

I have flowsana, but I find it annoying when I can’t create the rule in Asana using the External actions. I’ll forget where I created the rule if I set it up directly in Flowsana.

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This is that post! Scroll to the top or just click Remove from Project Rule action, then click the purple Vote button.



Thanks. I was getting confused because it was saying “merged your post into an existing thread” but couldn’t find another one. Already voted :slight_smile:


Thats exactly my use case, did you find a good workaround for now?
I currently have a section called “things done” but its getting massive as multiple tasks dont need to get talked about again but are still open to dos in other projects.

It woulde be quite helpful if this Remove from Project Rule was created.


Going to put another comment here to say that the “Remove from Project” feature would be extremely helpful. Especially when managing a project that is shared with an external partner where there’s a trigger to share on an external project.

Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback in this thread!

Today, I’m excited to announce we have started rolling out a new action that allows you to automatically remove a task from the project via rules :tada:

This action will be available soon to all Business and Enterprise customers! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the Tips and Tricks category.


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