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I’ve been using Asana for a year and I have to say it is very frustrating that Asana developers won’t add the reminder option for asana tasks. SO simple thing to do and SO helpful, but we do not see any updates regarding that!

I’d like to make several reminders before the task due date. Why it is so hard to add this feature in Asana?

Hello @George_Labuchidze,

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You actually have a couple of ways of creating task reminders in Asana.

Using subtasks

Using rules


Hello Rosario,

Thank you for the answer, but that’s not a reminder. That’s the one way as a solution which is technically not right. The fact is that Asana does not have a reminder for single tasks with a simple reminder option.

The reminder is to set the task and set the reminder.
Sub-task is a sub-task

Thank you

Hello @George_Labuchidze not sure what plan you are on because on Enterprise and Business plans you can set up task due date upcoming triggers see Rules • Asana Product Guide

Does that help?

What about using rules that post a comment which then notify you based on the task due date, Is that a reminder? See link #2 in my first comment.

If you are trying to be reminded both solutions will work.

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There is no notification option. You have to create a new section and the task will be dropped there which complicates the operation more. Another option is to add the third-party program (Which I am not using. like Slack ) and you will get the message which doesn’t work for me.

So no.

That’s very funny actually. I left Asana simply because of this reason that it doesn’t have a simple reminder for tasks. I like Asana very much and that’s why I’m trying to find the solution, but for now, there is no really effective way.
I really can’t understand why Asana developers are not wedding this feature with a simple update.

Just select „add a comment“ as action for example.

Then in the comment you can write something like: „Hello xxx please note this task is due in 1 day“ or any message you prefer.

I use this method in our company too and it works well.

Since I use Asana only for myself, it doesn’t work for me as well.

GOd, the simple notification :smiley: I’m asking the task notification that the due date is coming :smiley:

Hi @George_Labuchidze,

I understand what you are asking for, sometimes tools are engineered differently for reasons that go beyond the initial requirement of a request. The reasons for not having such a functionality might not always be that straight forward. I am not saying this is necessarily the case here, and I don’t know their roadmap either, please note I do not work for Asana.

The question I would ask myself would be rather:

How can I get what I need with the features I have available and without additional efforts?

You mention:

My suggestion would be (11 years Asana user here) to give it a try with an automated comment. Trust me, if you use the Inbox the right way, that will do exactly what you are looking for and actually with less mental and manual efforts than having each time to click a remind me button.

The comment could be something like:

This task is overdue. Consider updating the due date or prioritising it today.

The Inbox will notify you of the new comment.

Also, would I be you, I would consider on a deeper level, why do I even need a reminder functionality? I am saying that because you can leverage a personalised-to-your-needs My Tasks setup to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and you don’t need to be reminded. I cannot expand on that here to stay on topic. But that’s possible too.



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