Add Task Reminder Option Similar to the feature Slack has built

It would be helpful to be able to set a “Remind me in XX time” that would email a reminder and surface the task in the inbox in the set amount of time. This would allow someone to followup if the task is waiting on another party to reply, or if you are just wanting to delay working on the task for another few days.

Hi Dylin,

The way I do this is by creating a sub-task which I usually simply call “Follow-up” and assign to myself or to whom I want to be reminded on the specific day.

When in the main task I do the following to execute this as quickly as I can:

Hit: TAB + S (Create a sub-task)
Type: Follow-up
Hit: TAB + M (assigns the task to myself)
Hit: TAB + D (define the due date for the sub-task)

:bulb: Pro Tip:
In the Date field you can also write in plain text: for instance “tomorrow”, “next week”.

So you literally don’t even have to move your hands from the keyboard, which is always faster :slight_smile:

The sub-task created will show up under your My Tasks on the day you defined and remind you (in context) of its parent. If you have activated notifications for the tasks due today, that will show up also in your inbox.


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