Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks

If restricting deletes of others tasks is too restrictive, then a better solution would be to build a deleted items bin that everyone in the project can view and recover from. It should show who deleted the item and when. Also there should not be a permanently delete option unless you’re an admin, or unless you were the one that created the item you deleted.


Patrick - can you please share with me the details of your solution? (I’m a little new to the Asana forums, and I can’t figure out to DM - I may be limited).

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@Brian_MacKenzie: So sorry, I did not see your reply. Please email me lorenz @ pgk . de

Hi ,

I am a news user and was deliberating with the same problem .

while i could’nt find a way in Asana Basic version to prevent other users from deleting the task , but if they delete the task both myself and them get notified in email about deletion . At least by this we have a clear information on who deleted and when.

Hope this workaround helps till the time Asana builds a proper solution .

How can i hear about your tool?

This remains an absolute joke. For whatever reason, in Asana, being an Admin provides no additional power to remove problematic users or recover what they may have done. It would be nice if Asana ever actually looked into this, as many people over the internet have taken issue with this and have even left the platform because of it.


Adding my vote here.
If I delegate a task to an assignee, I do not want that person being able to delete the task without:

  1. Me being notified in my inbox
  2. The delegate being prevent from deleting without a warning it was a task I gave them
  3. the delegate being prevented from permanently deleting my task


Not all users who work in team have professional mindset. I will request for a feature were the assigner of Task can lock deleting of task / subtask / attachment for other user. We can have a small lock icon near task / subtask / attachment which the assigner can click to enable. If the assignee edits something then trail of that edit must be recorded and shown in the window.

Please do this otherwise in emerging countries like India it will be very difficult to use.


Welcome to the Forum @Dushyant_Singh and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

We already have a thread on this topic in the Forum, so I have gone ahead and merged this post with the main thread to consolidate feedback and votes. I hope that’s OK.

In the meantime If you are using the Premium version I would recommend you to have a look into these articles that might be helpful:

I also leave here the guide article that explains how to restore deleted items:

I hope it helps! Have a great Thursday!

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@Natalia where can we make the proper request for changes to the software? The ability to prevent users from deleting tasks/images/even changing dates should only be acceptable from a Team Leader standpoint. The manager of the team should be the only one with these powers. Thoughts??


Hi @John_Lennon! :wave: and thank you for reaching out.

You can always submit a feature request or a feedback in the #productfeedback category. You can learn more about it in this post.

With that said, this feature request has been submitted in this thread and I’m aware this is really important to you and to other users who have engaged in this thread and while I don’t have an update to share today, rest ensured that that I’m keeping a close eye on the situation and will make sure to give you an update as soon as I have more information about it.

Have a great Friday!

Please implement this feature. This is basic and critical. The lack of functionality for controlling deletions or edits is very basic.


Your “you can learn why” post takes you to a page that says “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Hi @Terrance and sorry for the broken link. This is the post I wanted to share: How we’re listening to your product feedback

I’ve also gone ahead and updated it in my previous post!

Why hasn’t this been resolved? Its the most basic of user security. How is it that there is no deleted items bin that all users in the project can view, and recover from.

Why doesn’t it show who deleted the task/task detail/history and when?

Users should absolutely not be able to permanently delete anything unless they’re an admin, or unless they were the one that created the item they are trying to delete.

I have been looking through these forums and its been brought up AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Why is Asana not listening??? How can any company use Asana without control over their content?

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Hi @Motor, and thanks for updating this topic (since we already had a #productfeedback thread on this topic, I’ve merged your post in to centralise all votes and feedback in one place).

I’m aware this is a long-standing request that we haven’t had a chance to prioritize yet, and I hear your concerns. I’ve gone ahead and escalated a direct feedback as part of our Voice of Customers program to highlight how popular this request is within our community. Please continue adding your votes as I report regularly on them; I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end.


It’s my day by day concern… In project share options should be the “Edit only own tasks” option or something like that

Workaround: use “Comments only” option in share option, then the PM have to keep updated the rest of data. Also only PM can add / delete tasks!

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Dear Team

Please provide a feature to lock a task by the author only, i.e. a fine grain Access control, so no accidental deletion occurs. This should be overridable by Admin or Project Owner.

I use Asana as a General note pad, living document, and for important items, I want them sticky and temporarily, time or permanently persistent …

Please include in your development. planning.

Kind regards,

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Welcome to the Forum @CJ_Product-SensiPass and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us!

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Just weighing in here, too. I am an Asana Solution Partner and I work with+20 customers of various sizes. Deletion of tasks - or better: more comprehensive user permissions - is a concern raised very often! And it begins with teams + 20 people. As soon as structures go beyond 5 people and 5 projects, security that no tasks are deleted are important.

Having this feature is also less of a “control” function for “lazy employees” as unfortunately some community members here voiced, but instead more of a saftey net when tasks are accidently deleted etc.

Before user permissions are overhauled, I assume that a simple notification to followers and project members (like the one you get when a new task is created in the project) that a task is deleted would do the job!

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