Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks

The need for a project manager is precisely that the user can complete their task and report the same fulfilled. If the user can delete their task or complete it without audit or confirmation from a manager this is useless. Will it be modified soon? or do we simply need to look for another application?


This is another scale issue…Asana assumes all teams are small and/or high in trust and accountability. Fortunately, this is true in many cases…certainly not all. With large, distributed teams, yes, I’m sorry to say one can never be certain that there will never be a malicious user, or even just a seriously misguided one with a strong urge to tidy up.

Asana, I would urge you to reconsider your assumptions about all scale questions…some teams are huge, with 1000s of people. Some organizations have 50-100 ACTIVE projects. (OR make that 1000+ depending on each organization’s workarounds and conventions.) Some projects have 500 open, active tasks. Or more. Some program managers need to keep 50 programs moving. Some organizations may create 300 tags and 100 custom fields (or more) and they need a way to see, organize and maintain them. Etc.


Our team is of 10 users, farmaceutical developmente, and there is no bad intention in the use of the application, but the hierarchies allow to delimit the functions of the user in the team in every working group there is an administrator and users with lower privileges. The need for an apps is to avoid resorting to a spreadsheet to take control and avoid errors by the easy modification of tracking data.

I fully agree with the above comments, is there no way to prevent some users to delete a task or to be at least notified when they delete a task you’ve created?

It’s a real security issue in my opinion too…


Hi, trialling the software.

Is there anyway of preventing assigned tasks being deleted? So Im a project coordinator and assign a task, they are able to be deleted by the person being assigned to.

Also any comments on tasks are not being sent to me.

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@Carmel_Projects welcome to the forum… With premium you can make a project comment only so users can only comment on the project. Which means they won’t be able to delete takes.

Have a look at this guide article…

With regards to email notifications have a look at this article.

Hope these help…


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Hi @Carmel_Projects :wave:t3: and thanks for jumping in @Jason_Woods!

We already have a thread on this topic in the Forum, so I have gone ahead and merged this post with the main thread to avoid having too many duplicates; hope that’s ok!

Please let me know if there is anything I can help with!

I agree with all of the above comments re the need for admin-level permissions to delete a task that someone else has created. Also, if user delete a task that he or she created, that deletion event should be permanently logged. Do the products that compete with Asana have this capability?

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Unfortunately appears we will be leaving Asana in the very near-future. My CEO wants to expand usage among departments / managers, but can’t do so without some ability to prevent users from deleting content (tasks). At bare minimum, would need to be notified of when a task is deleted, but that is inexplicably not a feature even though Asana over-notifies you by default on everything else.

It’s a bummer because I do love using the product for my own personal use.


@Ben_Brenner: Sad to see you guys go for such a reason. It would be rather easy to utilize the API for that purpose. It does provide technical notifications when tasks are deleted. Feel free to DM me, if this something you want to consider.

Hope this helps,


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Patrick it’s a pretty serious issue given people are paying large amounts, while Asana can’t even hide the delete or complete button if the user desires. the Section can be marked complete… that is so hinky it’s sad. This is why people supplement with Evernote. They then use todoist for much of what they pay asana for, and if they need something visual like boards, they use trello which asana shamelessly incorporates and removes dashboards to pretend like it’s an upgrade. People are way smarter than you take them for, please save the callous corporate disregard for those with genuine criticism about a duct taped area of an otherwise so so implementation.

@Dean1: First off all, I‘m not representing Asana. PGK is partnering with Asana. I personally love to share my experience with peers. Like I do here — for free btw.

Second: Everyone I got to meet at Asana was pretty much engaged to bring the Asana mission to live. And everybody was so much interested to learn how to make Asana better for its users. So any constructive feedback will be heard :slight_smile:

@Marie: Do you like to follow up?

I need to defend @Patrick_Lorenz here, who I have been working with to try and figure out a way to implement a workaround to an issue that, yes, I would still ultimately like to see Asana address. We’re a small-to-mid size organization (less than 50 employees, with only 15 actively using Asana), but as an Admin used to managing controls for larger systems used by significantly more employees (Salesforce, Office365, and other software), I do feel that overall the admin controls in Asana could be significantly improved.

Patrick and so many others on these forums graciously offer their time and expertise, often for free and/or with no expectation of you choosing to engage with them should you want something custom that is not available directly from Asana today. Without having direct visibility into Asana’s product development roadmap, aside from what I see on the forum here, I can tell you that there is no possible way that Asana could deliver upon everything that everyone requests.

While I still believe this particular request should be higher on their development roadmap as I don’t believe it’s an uncommon request, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing they should be working on until it’s delivered, especially when considering that the functionality provided might not be as great as rolling out another feature set that requires available resources to build, deploy and support. That’s also why Asana has made APIs readily available - so that those who do want to do something not available today have a means to do it.


Hi @Dean1 and thanks for reaching out!

While I do understand your frustration regarding the issues you touch based in your post, please try to keep your feedback constructive and respectful of other Forum members; as a reminder, you can find our Community Forum Guidelines here. We have always welcomed feedback and encouraged users to share their thoughts with us on the Forum. Besides, over the last few years, we’ve heavily relied on customer feedback to build Asana, and while we can’t always address every request as quickly as our users would like to, we do have a robust customer feedback process in place to surface feedback and feature requests; you can learn more about it in this post.

I do understand your concerns regarding the ability for users to delete tasks in Asana, and our team is aware that many other users in this forum share your concerns. Unfortunately, I don’t have any substantial update to share with you today, but rest ensured that I’m closely following up on this behind the scenes and representing your voice. In the meantime, the solution offered by @Patrick_Lorenz might not suit everyone, but I would definitely recommend checking it out, especially if this is putting your workflow at risk.

As always, if you have any follow-up questions, feel free to drop me a DM or to reply on this thread, I’ll be more than happy to help!

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I do agree with Ben_Brenner that the admin controls on Asana can be improved. As HR, I was to research a management tool for our agency can use. Upon sharing, my boss deleted a project containing hundreds of files and tasks. She then asked, “So tell me, how would I know if someone else deleted it?” I went through the application and it was evident, there’s was no notification, not a trace… everything was gone. Seems my boss only has the authority to undo following the links from her email, but still, this illustrates how easily one team member can do critical damage on an entire project. To conclude, we’re not moving forward with Asana until there is a deletion permission setting, too risky.

@Victor_Nguyen1, you should reach out to @Patrick_Lorenz and his group because they’ve built out out a pretty cool little bot/tool that can help alert you when specific projects / tasks are followed while still allowing for privacy concerns (if your boss deletes a personal task, she wouldn’t want anyone else to see that). It’s a fairly simple solution they’ve designed to address the current lack of administrative controls.


@Victor_Nguyen1: Feel free to DM me.

Please share links to your developments, highly interested :slight_smile:

@Victor_Nguyen1: Sure. Just ping me :slight_smile:

We REALLY need the ability as well to allow users to create tasks and to remove ability to delete tasks created by others. They should be able to delete their own, although if they delete them, have them show permanently in an admin log with ability to restore.

We have been asking for this for years and have had to rebuild entire projects because of malicious users in the past. Comment Only doesn’t allow nearly enough flexibility.

Please build this critical functionality.

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