Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks


The need for a project manager is precisely that the user can complete their task and report the same fulfilled. If the user can delete their task or complete it without audit or confirmation from a manager this is useless. Will it be modified soon? or do we simply need to look for another application?


This is another scale issue…Asana assumes all teams are small and/or high in trust and accountability. Fortunately, this is true in many cases…certainly not all. With large, distributed teams, yes, I’m sorry to say one can never be certain that there will never be a malicious user, or even just a seriously misguided one with a strong urge to tidy up.

Asana, I would urge you to reconsider your assumptions about all scale questions…some teams are huge, with 1000s of people. Some organizations have 50-100 ACTIVE projects. (OR make that 1000+ depending on each organization’s workarounds and conventions.) Some projects have 500 open, active tasks. Or more. Some program managers need to keep 50 programs moving. Some organizations may create 300 tags and 100 custom fields (or more) and they need a way to see, organize and maintain them. Etc.