Files deleted by a limited access member


So we are a team of 3 and I have assigned the other two people as limited access members. I’ve noticed they can upload files to a task but if they choose they can delete that file anytime. Is there a way to stop them from deleting files ?


The only limitation I am aware of is “project comment-only”. I think @Julien_RENAUD can help with some insights.


Like @Bastien_Siebman I also think the only way to control modifications is “comment-only”.
As a limited access member you see only the project you have access to but in this project you can do almost everything.
May I ask why do your colleagues delete the files you upload?
Asana allows collaboration and transparency but indeed some daily conventions need to be sat up between users (for instance: file storage, what should be or not a project,…). In my company we have defined few conventions so that the organization does not become a big mess, maybe you should do that if not done yet.


My team members won’t be necessarily from our company and we would like use this platform to send files and have a record of this file transfers as well as having the files on the system for legal reasons.
If I upgrade and use the comment only option what would other limited members be able to do with in their allocated tasks? Can they add files or delete them?


Not sure, maybe @Marie can help, I never used this feature!


Thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman! @Ro_no, no problem I’m more than happy to help here! So if you set user permission ( in order to restrict a Project or a specific Member to Comment Only, they will be able to:

  • Re-assign a task that was assigned to them (but they can’t re-assign a task already assigned to someone else)
  • Change tasks due date
  • Mark tasks complete or Uncomplete (regardless of who the task is assigned to)
  • Like/Unlike tasks
  • Add and delete attachment (regardless of who initially added the attachment)
  • Change the value of a custom field (only if the task is assigned to them)
  • Copy tasks
  • Print tasks
  • Add tasks to other projects using the multihoming function
  • Add/Remove followers on tasks
  • Copy Project’s URL
  • Copy and/or Print the Project
  • Change the value of custom fields

But they won’t be able to:

  • Edit the task’s title
  • Create subtasks
  • Add new custom fields
  • Remove existing custom fields
  • Assign a task that is currently un-assigned OR assign a task already assigned to someone else
  • Merge/Delete task
  • Convert task into a project
  • Change the project or task privacy settings
  • Add/manage tasks dependencies

My apologies if I forgot anything, but I believe I’ve covered most of the possibilities!

If you have any additional questions, or if there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know!

Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks
Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks

Thanks for that @Marie
my follow up would be if a comment only member would have the above powers to edit to a project that they are a team member of?


Hi there,

Marie captured this info very well! I’ll add a point that, anyone with access to a task can delete an attachment. If they’re a Limited Access Member (LAM), they have access to a whole project and therefore its tasks. The “limited access” part of LAM = limited access to the team, not the project or task. I would suggest making the project comment only if you’re using Asana premium.

Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:


Hi All
I have read the “project comment -only” (
It does not address all my needs:

  • it’s my opinion, it is not only a matter of preventing intentional task deleting/modifying
  • I make mistakes, and I would love a simple “lock” icon in the top right menu bar (near to attachment, sub-task, copy task url, etc): after to have written a task, I would “lock” it so that I am sure I can not make unwanted damages by myself

Just for sharing and hoping in a quick addressing of this feature
Thank you All


Thanks for your feedback @mike15 and welcome to the community forum! I would suggest creating a separate thread in the #productfeedback category for your feedback; this way, other members of the community forum will be able to vote for your feature request!

Happy Thursday! :slight_smile: