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Is it possible to restrict the capability of the collaborator to comments only? I created a private project wherein there is an assignee and a different person for the collaborator (I did not share the entire project with them so they can only see the task and not the whole project). I would prefer that only the assignee can complete the task and not the collaborator. The only function of the collaborator for the task is just to add comments. Is this possible?


Not sure if this answers your question at all.

I read it as if someone is comment only they cannot close the task but I did get a little confused and don’t have a usecase to be able to test it out.

Hi Becky, if I’m not mistaken, the permissions mentioned in the link are for those who have access to the project (Shared).

For my project, I made it private and I did not share the project to the assignee and to the collaborator. I only added them on a specific task. However, both assignee and collaborator can complete the task. I would prefer that only the assignee can complete the task and the collaborator can only use comments.


Yes, you set such a default level of access with the first (defaults) row of the Members list:

As you can see, I set it to “Commenter” which would achieve what you’re looking for.



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