Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks

We’re also having this issue. I have a task that’s saved at the top of the project which holds additional information about the project. Users sometimes complete this task and it’s causing confusion. In addition it would be nice to be able to “pin” a task (or information) to the top of the project for easy reference. Most importantly, I would like to lock this task, but keep the other tasks open.


This affects all teams of all sizes. We don’t want a notification to all members. We want to be able to have a team accessible recycle bin so to speak where there’s also an audit log in the project that cannot be deleted except by an admin or project lead. Then users can only delete what they added and if they do it goes to the team recycle bin where anyone can restore a deletion although it’s all tracked who did what. It’s also appalling that users can delete the audit log entries in a project preventing us from seeing who did what and when.


Yes!!! This is MUCH needed as well as having a shared delete box for the team and granular controls over delete permissions.

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This is an essential requirement for collaboration across teams and departments and might force us to use a different tool. The risk of an editor entirely deleting a task or a subtask would stop/hurt the entire project and risk the relationship of the stakeholders.

Suggestion to add user permission for “Editor with delete allowance” and “Editor without deletion allowance”

@Marie will this ever exist, be addressed in Asana?



Hi @Karoly and thanks for the mention.

If you haven’t yet, have a look at the update I posted just a few weeks ago. I regularly report to the Team on this specific point, and while we haven’t prioritized yet, I’m keeping a close eye on this internally and will continue to relay and advocate for this request until it gets prioritized.