Portfolio Templates

Here is a scenario:

Have you every worked on a portfolio that actually is repeated in the nature of the types of projects associated to it?

Let us say that you have 5 products and you run 5 marketing campaigns (open per product) each year.
You build project templates and they are all nicely interconnected, dependencies, timeline, custom fields, rules, etc…

You know that this work is related to your company’s goals on annual basis to support it’s delivery. Isn’t there a case to have a Portfolio Template?

Portfolio Template Set up includes
Project Template 1
Project Template 2
Project Template 3
Project Template 4
Project Template 5

Custom fields already selected for this portfolio from the org library…

What do folks think? I look forward to hearing your feedback.


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Hi @Rashad_Issa, thanks for providing this feedback - this would be a cool new feature :star_struck:

Hopefully this is something we can see our Product team implement in the future. I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:


My team could really benefit from portfolio templates, especially when we have a specific structure to follow. We have a lot of very similar portfolios and they can take a long time to create, so having the ability to create portfolios would be hugely beneficial.


This is exactly what we need. We do development and construction projects. Each property gets its own portfolio there are six or seven different projects, each related to a different aspect of the property. We have a portfolio for design selections, we have a portfolio for sales, we have a portfolio for procurement and Construction, etc. we would like to be able to create a portfolio template that has all of the project templates inside of it. When we then use a Portfolio template, it would automatically create all of the projects for that property

Currently we have to first create the portfolio for a new property. Then, we have to manually create each of the projects from their own templates and add them to the portfolio.


Hello @Joey_Yaffe
Thanks for sharing your user case clearly. Please make sure you upvote this feature.

Hey, @Rashad_Issa I didn’t reply back then when you posted this, but you know I’ve been wanting this feature ever since Asana has Portfolios. Right now since there’s no solution what I have is documentation on all the Portfolio Templates I have created for most of my clients, and some QA instances to make sure they follow the guidelines every time they have to create them. Can’t wait for the day that Asana launches this feature.


Is there any update on this?


Can you share a link to the templates you mentioned here

This would be a game changer!

We use portfolios to manage global campaigns with 5-10 projects representing different verticals of work. We launch many many campaigns at once and the time to set up all these portfolios is dramatic. This feature is urgently needed!!!

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