Portfolio updates changing the questions globally

Hi team!!

I have just delivered a whole of business onboarding to Asana. Its all going well, and I’ve setup a series of portfolios to give the line managers status updates to the Director.

I have a set series of questions for the team to ask, is there a way to globally change and update the questions so its the same as a default?

I can see i possibly can do them one at a time, but i have a lot to do.



I’m afraid that they have to be done individually for each (project or portfolio) status, but then they will remember the last status headings, as you’ve probably seen.

You can vote for your own request here though!



Thank you for letting me know, I’ll stop looking for ways to import/upload/copy/etc and start typing :wink:

I was even looking to clone a porfolio and hope that the questions rolled over, also a fail.

Thanks again

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Actually, I’ll add to this. I was setting up the templates for other teams.

It seems the template from previous question is set at the user level. My questions never pulled across for another person.

This needs to be rectified. In the event that another person is delivering a report, they have to start again.

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Hello @anon75973088

There is a product feedback on having portfolio templates established.
Check it out and upvote it as well please. I believe starting the portfolio templates should resolve your suggestions once developed.

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Thanks I passionately hit that vote button.

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